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How to talk to a girl — psychological aspects?


Everyone knows that there are certain rules of communication, decency and so on, which, well, should not be violated, but there are also certain rules, observing which, you can appear in the best light before any girl.

Always be positive.

She studies or works or all together. In any case, she is definitely tired, and after a hard day, your negativity will not give her joy.

But if a meeting with you will be associated with fountains of positive emotions, she will have an incentive to meet with you as a moral drug.

A man must be a man

A man should not complain about his life, boss or friends. Drain your problems and failures to fools or friends over a glass of beer. Better yet, forget it and get it out of your head


Chat with several girls at the same time. First, it enhances your experience with the opposite sex. Secondly, women feel competition very well, even if there is no reason for this. The woman will turn on the mood for competition and this will give you an advantage, because now it is more interesting to get you than the others.


Never give a compliment for a tick, a real woman will easily feel it. The compliment should come from the heart. This is easy to do, because you can always find something that you really, really, like and choose this as the purpose of the compliment.

Learn to listen and hear

There is no need to think about what to talk to women, they naturally love to do it, so just listening is enough. Support the conversation with additional questions so that she opens the topic and tells more and more. The more you listen, the more interesting the conversationalist you will seem. This is the paradox of human communication.

Communicate actively

Chat with you should be like a holiday for a girl. A holiday is rare, people look forward to it, it passes quickly and is remembered for a long time.

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