Now is a very difficult time for our participants from Ukraine. And the Life For Love project, together with its participants, cannot remain indifferent seeing what is happening in Ukraine now. Life For Love is an international service for communication and there are many girls from Ukraine registered on the site who need our help. Many women find it difficult to leave the war zone, find and rent apartments, provide themselves and their loved ones with basic needs and even food. view more
Men and women are very different. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for us to understand each other. Women are more emotional and more inclined to express their emotions. Both positive and not so. Men are sometimes bewildered by this hurricane of passions, bouts of sadness and outbursts of rage. Raging hormones can be the cause of irritability. Sometimes anger is just anger. And sometimes other feelings and problems can be hidden behind it. view more
Many men are eager to have sex with a girl, but without commitment. This position is very convenient, because you don't have any dates, excuses, courtship or gifts. So to speak, slept - scattered. So what can you do to make sex without commitment work, and the girl is not offended? view more
Every woman dreams of being given flowers and carried in her arms. The trends of romanticism have not lost their relevance today, in the age of pragmatists and skeptics. Romantically inclined persons are distinguished by an emotional and sublime attitude to reality, they are prone to idealization and sensitivity. view more
The phrase that everyone has repeated at least once in their life: "Relationships are not easy". In theory, the relationship itself is very simple, since it develops in a natural rhythm at the will of the senses: they met, fell in love, decided to be together. But people who are involved in relationships can make them difficult. view more
Getting married is a new stage in the development of a couple's relationship. Now this is a different measure of responsibility, a different rhythm, including in the sexual life of a couple. Meanwhile, sex life is a "X-ray" of the family view more
So, you liked the woman but she has a child. What to do? To give up on everything and try to build a relationship or just cut everything off at once, not letting the surging feelings turn into love? view more
Modern people in conditions of the lack of time are increasingly resorting to original dating formats. One of the popular options is speed dating. This is an interesting way to establish new contacts, and most importantly, each participant of such a party will be able to communicate with the maximum number of potential partners in the shortest possible time. view more
Have you seen an attractive girl, but are you afraid that she will refuse to meet? That’ sad. If you follow certain rules, then acquaintance with any free beauty will be doomed to success. Tip 1. Remember: your appearance. view more
The friend zone is a common phenomenon, another question is how to avoid it. We have good news for you: you don't have to be her best friend forever. All you need to do is recognize in advance the signs that you are “just a friend” and take the necessary steps to fix it. And the sooner that happens, the better. view more
A girl you know does not respond to messages in correspondence or does she respond reluctantly or in monosyllabic phrases? In this blog, we'll cover the possible reasons, as well as provide some helpful tips to help you get out. view more
Do I have to pay for the girl on the first date? The first date is a mixture of unforgettable and very exciting moments in the life of every person in love, and the future fate of the two will depend on how this meeting goes. view more
What are the signs of an alpha male? Many women will answer this question straight away, while others may wonder. Yes, this guy is probably brutal, has a strong-willed chin and a bunch of scars that adorn him. Perhaps he drives a Harley Davidson and plays the electric guitar masterly. But is everything so clear? view more
Too often, we have high hopes for the first date with the person we are interested in. But do we always manage to achieve our goals? To make the first date easy and pleasant for both parties, it is worth following a few rules. view more
We've put together the top 3 dating mistakes for you that can end your relationship. 1. Remembering your ex. On the first date, completely forget about your ex - today your story is as clean as a white sheet. One should definitely not talk about previous relationships in either a bad or a good way. view more
A casual relationship is a fun and enjoyable activity that in a man's head is often accompanied by a lack of commitment and subsequent meetings with a partner. However, no matter how irresponsible it may seem at first glance, there are some rules that must be followed so that everything goes positively and without consequences for the girl. view more
To get the girl's trust, try to: Be faithful, live up to her trust. Do not tell anyone her secrets, in any case, do not pass her words to the people about whom they are told. And most importantly, everything that happens between you must be a secret. view more
Of course, psychologists do not always consider all the mercantilism of women to be normal. If a girl and a man are solely for the sake of money - this is no longer the norm. Such relationships begin to resemble the behavior of a ... view more
A good perfume, just like high-quality shoes and expensive watches, is an integral part of the image of any successful and attractive man. You can not chase fashion, not focus on clothes, but the aroma from a man should come out such that women begin to lose their heads from him. And there are such aromas view more
1. Her posture changes when she sees you So she noticed you were coming and immediately straightened her shoulders and sucked in her stomach? Maybe it's just a coincidence, but usually both guys and girls unknowingly try to "dignify" when they see someone they like. view more
Wait a couple of days. Calling earlier will give you the impression of a desperate person. Conversely, if you call later, you may seem uninterested. Give her a couple of days of waiting for your call to get her more interested. Call in the evening... view more
Many people wonder - why do women fall for bad guys? Not because they are scum - nobody likes scum. Rather, it is because they are confident and assertive - in other words, sexy. This is what you need to strive for in order to build your masculinity and show the world (and most importantly, women) who have steel balls here! view more
Seduction by a man, this is an acquaintance with a girl for the purpose of sexual intimacy and the use of hidden influences that persuade her to have sex. Seduction by a girl is the same, but ... view more
First of all, girls like guys who are determined and confident. For girls, at all times, there is one stable image of a real guy - who knows how to quickly take decisive actions, knows how to lead and easily copes with various life situations. view more
Women are insidious: they know so many sophisticated ways to cloud your brain that there is absolutely no point in listing them all. But some are still worth highlighting view more
When a girl says, "I have a boyfriend," 9 times out of 10 it means "You show that you are very interested in me." view more
Traditionally, romantic acquaintances take place in the evening. Yes, this is the standard and the norm. But at the same time, you have to deal with the second end of the stick. Staying with a girl all night is often a challenge for any Player, as he knows there is a strong difference between courtship and fleeting passion. view more
Who do you want to be tonight? A seductive and brutal heartthrob or a humble and romantic intellectual? Depending on how you are dressed, what perfume you are wearing, you speak quickly or slowly, lively or calmly, you can make a completely different impression on a girl. view more
So, you've successfully met a woman you really like and exchanged phone numbers with her. Now what? What if she forgot you? What if you get nervous on the phone and lose your temper? What if she's busy on the day you want to meet? What if she's busy with something far more important than answering a phone call? view more
A combination of genetic and physiological factors, as well as environmental influences, can lead to a decrease in testosterone. Let's consider the most common ones. view more
If a girl does not wear panties to a nightclub, then it says a lot. If she does this, then it is not just that, she probably pursues her own goals. And the goals are often very simple. view more
A man's health depends on many factors, such as regular exercise, good optimism, a clean environment, and avoiding smoking and alcohol habits. But a completely balanced diet plays an important role in men's health and sexual activity. view more
After successful seduction and sex, you can be calm, because in fact you achieved what you wanted and became very close to your lady. If you like a girl and you want to continue dating her or have a romantic relationship, then be yourself and you should not invent special vulgar phrases. view more
Imagine you are dating a girl and you get paid for that. Isn't that every guy's dream? And these guys exist and really feel good about themselves. Believe it or not, there are contracts that sugar mommy concludes with the guys, since both participants have an interest. There are many ways on how to become a gigolo, but it is worth dividing them into several main parts. - A mature woman. You can date view more
This list will contain 14 points that will help you become a more successful seducer. The natural seducer is called natural. Because a real seducer should not pretend, but should play naturally. Therefore, the first on the list will be: Naturalness. Remember when you try to imitate someone or remember how the actors behaved in your favorite melodramas - it will all look comical, not romantic. Neatness. Always monitor the condition of your hair, how your nails look, how you smell. view more
Buying a cocktail for a lady seems like a magical ritual that should definitely help seduce a lady in a bar, or vice versa, some guys think that after buying a drink, a girl will look at you exclusively through the prism of "sugar daddy". When heading to a bar, never fool yourself with should or shouldn't. If you have drawn up a scenario for yourself how your communication with a girl should go, then believe me, a maximum of 5% of what you thought of yourself will happen, and those very 5% will become your prepared phrases view more
We are all taught from early childhood to be kind, polite, courteous towards other people and this is very useful for building friendships and business relationships. It's simple, if you respect other people, know how to listen, maintain a conversation, people will be drawn to you. Such an attitude accompanies us all our conscious life, helps to establish relationships with loved ones, to move up the career ladder, but often puts a spoke in the wheel in our personal life. view more