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How to make her send you naked pictures


Ladies are divided into two types: those who are willing to share intimate photos and those who are not.

At the moment, statistics show that most girls are not ready to exchange intimate photos before starting a serious relationship. However, there are those who never send intimate photos at all. Requesting intimate photos is a very delicate process in which you can scare a girl.

Never write this in the early days of dating. If you want to get an intimate photo, be careful and use ambiguous hints. For example, if a girl says she is going to the shower, tell her that you don’t believe, and she has to prove it!

From her answer, it will be immediately clear whether the girl is ready to proceed to such a step. If she sent a photo, then you can move to a new level, if not, then it's too early.

But be prepared for the fact that you will not receive intimate photos from a specific girl at all.

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