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How to get over a breakup


Breaking up with a girlfriend is difficult and often inevitable, but the sooner you come out of the depression, the better. So, here's a list of tips to help you recover faster:

First - Get rid of everything that reminds you of her. Shared photos, videos, things - everything should be removed. Be sure to unsubscribe and block her in all social networks and avoid talking and remembering about her. The more you remember about it, the longer you will recover.

Second, do what you have wanted for so long. Meet your friends, play golf, learn to play the guitar. In general, do something that interests you, and do not lie on the couch remembering your ex.

Third, create a profile on a dating site to switch to other girls. Very quickly you will find a new girl who will give you love.

Fourth - Go on a date. Nothing heals better than new emotions with new people. Make your life brighter!

Fifth - Draw conclusions about past relationships, write down your mistakes (even if you think you were perfect). Ask your friends to point out to you what you did wrong and do not make these mistakes in your new relationship.

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