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How to choose the right opener in 5 simple steps.


80% of whether a girl will start communicating with you depends on the correct opener. And here are some tips on how to intrigue a girl so that she would be interested in communicating:

First, notice the detail in her profile (photo, video) and try to guess where she is or what she is doing if it is not in the profile.

Second, you can confuse her with an old friend and start communicating as with an old friend, she will be provoked to answer that this is not her, and then the matter is behind your skill in order to beautifully pass everything into a joke and get to know each other better.

Third - Send her a voicemail message. Girls are always interested in knowing the voice of the person she sees in the photo.

Fourth, ask her to solve a riddle or guess a word from a crossword puzzle. People tend to prove that they are smart.

Fifth - make a beautiful profile. As a rule, 90% of girls will answer you or write themselves if you have added a photo, video, full description and you have your own blog.

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