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Some celebrities are of such magnitude and influence that it is impossible to understand them through articles and interviews alone. And then we read books about them or watch biographical films. In a biography or biopic, unlike a documentary or historical film, the plot is not built around a historical event or a real fact, but around one particular person. Directors of biographical films, of course, seek to be true, but not always films of this genre are built only on the basis of absolute truth. The peculiarity of biographies can be called that in them famous people play other famous people. Such roles are especially difficult for actors, and sometimes their images on the screen are criticized for poor resemblance. A biopic can combine elements of comedy, action and other genres, so each viewer can easily find a picture to his taste. But mostly biographical films are dramas. Most biographical films are about the lives of creative people: musicians, actors, writers. For example, the biographical drama "Catcher in the Rye" is about the life of Jerome Salinger, the author of the world-famous novel for teenagers. Also, biopics are made about wealthy businessmen. One of them is Jobs: Empire of Temptation. It is dedicated to the life of one of the founders of the company "Apple". There are even biographical films about priests! There are also biopics about murderers ("So Said Charlie"), war crimes ("Schindler's List"), famous rulers ("Cleopatra") and so on. Biography is one of the oldest genres of feature film. And its ancestor can be considered a 10-minute picture of 1900 about the life of the national heroine of France Joan of Arc. She was filmed by director Georges MГ©liГЁs. In the United States, biopics were especially popular from 1927 to 1960. A study by film historian George Kasten attests to this. Yet the films were also overly clichГ©d, such as Disraeli in 1930, which later influenced many Hollywood biography films and for which they are still criticized today. It's hard to single out the best biopics, as they are very different, but I tried to do so. And I would single out pictures like: "The Green Book," "Ford vs. Ferrari," "Bohemian Rhapsody," "Stephen Hawking Universe," "The Founder," "The Man Who Changed Everything," "Coach Carter," "The Big Game" and "Tonya vs. Everything." And to better understand how biopics have changed, I suggest comparing films from different decades.