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Based on the geographical features, the location of natural and coastal attractions, yachtsmen in Italy distinguish several regions for sailing and motor yachts, for yacht rentals. The coastline of the Ligurian Sea from Tuscany in the east to the French Riviera in the west. It's a region for sailing lovers of comfort, and maybe even luxury. Here the relatively weak summer winds and calm waters will provide an excellent vacation for those who want to dive into the world of traditional, classic, expensive yachting. In the summer, the libercho wind, blowing from the south or southwest, can provide a disturbance. These winds often reach a strength of 5 - 8 and can linger for up to 4 days. In winter, the famous cold north or northwest wind "Tramontana" can make an appearance. It can reach the strength of a storm (up to 10 points). Do not forget that the sea in any region can show its character. So be careful in Liguria and in the other seas of Italy! The main ports of call for yachts for charter are Genoa and Livorno. The nearest airport is Genoa. The peculiarity of Venice is that the most expensive anchorages in Italy are located here. Often in this region yachts are rented not only by sailors, but also by ordinary, mortal coastal tourists, as a hotel in high season is more expensive and not easy to find. For a meter of length can demand up to 5 euros per day. Sailing, yachting in this part of Italy assumes, the main purpose, all the same, to visit the coastal attractions, fine restaurants, luxury marinas. An unforgettable experience can also be had by visiting the neighboring Slovenia, the port of Koper. In the national character, no less cordial and hospitable! The ports of call are Venice, Ravenna. The nearest airport is Venice. Sicily is a very diverse region. It contains so many interesting things that only here you can spend several vacations. And still - something you will not have time to see. Let's begin by simply listing what is collected here. Volcanoes: Etna, Stromboli, Lipari and others. It is on these volcanoes that the world's volcanology was "born". With the study of these volcanoes begins the school course of any volcanologist around the world. And Stromboli volcano, which has been erupting constantly since as long as it has been known to people, was dubbed by the ancient Greeks "Tyrrhenian Lighthouse". The Strait of Messina, between the monsters Scylla and Charybdis, was praised by Homer in his famous "The Odyssey". Even nowadays it is not easy to sail in the Strait: its currents and whirlpools can be seen from the yacht with the naked eye. In the Strait itself you can find fishing boats of incredible design, which hunt fish with a sword, while the helmsman is up to 18 meters above the deck, and harpooner up to 18 meters away from the stem! All of volcanic origin. That's where your safety and impressions depend on your ability to anchor your boat. The slope of the bottom practically continues the contour of the volcano. If you drop close to it you are in danger of being swept away on the rocks or beach, if you drop far away you may not reach the bottom! A simple walk around the islands is amazing! Museums, electric cabs, tiny streets, excursions to volcanoes, fishing, local cuisine - it's just another world! The cities and ports of Sicily: Syracuse, Palermo, Messina, Taormina, Catania. All these cities and others are legends. Each with its own history, face and culture. In Syracuse, the city of Archimedes, get lost in the labyrinth of streets of the old town, find a doll's workshop, taste the local wines, limoncillo liquor. In Catania, rent a car and go to Etna volcano. In Messina, be sure to visit the local cathedral, climb the bell tower with a unique clock, walk the promenades. Near the town, you can stop at a gas station to refuel. In Palermo, walk carefully - keep your pockets under control. In Taormina, admire Etna, walk through the streets of the town nestled on the cliffs. If you're already an experienced yachtsman, the most remote island in the region, Pantelleria, is also available to you. Kamchatka Italy will amaze you with thermae (baths with hot mineral water), wine, delicious local pizza, active fishing. Keep in mind that there are not many parking spots on Pantelleria, it is better to call and book a parking lot in advance. Also keep in mind that from fall to spring stormy weather can force you to anchor on the island for a few days. The waves in winter in the middle of the Mediterranean can be huge! In the west and north, northwest winds are predominant during the summer months. In the south and east, the winds blow mostly southwest. Winds reach a strength of 4-5 during the day, often completely subsiding by sunset. Complete calm and a slight ripple are the typical picture of the night sea in the Sicilian region. Ports of departure: Palermo, Syracuse, Catania, Riposto. Nearest airports: Palermo, Catania.