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It's no longer news that men also go for spa treatments, combining pleasure with pleasure. They have to work a lot, so rest and relaxation will not be superfluous. You can get more health benefits in a comfortable and cozy environment, trusting the experienced hands of a masseur, than being in a bar with a bottle of beer. The first option is a cleansing and a burst of vivacity and energy, and with the second, most likely, everything is clear to you. The choice of programs for men is constantly expanding. The complex includes a simple hand massage, and complex procedures with body peeling, masks, and a tropical shower. Men go to the solarium and try reflexotherapy. Pleasant music, aromas and delicious herbal teas promote relaxation. In general, the entire atmosphere works to improve your physical and emotional well-being. The following activities are suitable for the complex of procedures: staying in the hammam, foot baths, milk baths, peeling sessions, salt body scrub or sports massage. First of all, it is a great mood and a lot of pleasure, which is very important in today's rhythm of life. All sessions are painless, a person receives only pleasant sensations. Positive emotions come not only from the spa procedure itself. Improvement of well-being contributes to the entire environment of the studio, from the interior to the music and decor. In a good salon you will be surrounded by attention and care of the staff, you will be offered tea or coffee with light snacks. Some establishments provide advice on beauty products, which they can buy. Of course, it is impossible not to mention the techniques associated with the correction of the figure. The complex of measures helps to effectively reduce weight, eliminate cellulite, reduce body volume. After the sessions, the tone is strengthened, and the skin becomes more elastic. Masters use massage, peeling, wraps and other methods to even out body contours. Before the main treatment, there is usually a relaxation and steaming stage. Hydrotherapy is one of the most relaxing and pleasant treatments. While in the bath the body is massaged by directed currents of water, a comfortable temperature is maintained. This kind of massage has a lot of admirers, because a person immediately feel their positive effect. Blood flow is restored, and we feel a rush of energy. Therapy with water is not only a pleasant relaxation in the bath and the accompanying massage, but also such an option as swimming in a pool against the current. In this case a person, on the contrary, experiences a strong stress. The benefits of aromatherapy have long been known in the East, and spas often use this method to relax and create a positive mood. It can be considered as one of the types of prevention, in addition, it may be necessary in a complex treatment. After all, the aromas are released by essential oils obtained from vegetable raw materials. How does the aromatherapy session take place? Firstly, candles are lit under a bowl of oil, and it spreads the scent as it heats up. It is also possible to spray the fragrance in the room. Other effective methods are also used: massages with aroma oils; sauna with oil addition; baths. Despite the emergence of new practices and methods of treatment with water, the first place is held by massage sessions, and they are usually the main way of healing. There are quite a few of them. Let's list the most popular ones: it is used for the general recovery of the body and against cellulite. Spanish technique, in which the hands move smoothly, flexibly, using their entire surface. To reduce cellulite. Today it is the most popular among the female half of the population. The French technique (lymph drainage). Affecting the area of lymph nodes, the master thereby reduces the appearance of cellulite and carries out prophylaxis of varicose veins. This procedure improves the protective functions of the organism. Massage with honey, as a result of which the skin is nourished, smoothed and toned. Shiatsu - moving and pressing with fingers on acupuncture points. A Thai method of yoga massage, a harmonious blend of two Oriental systems. It involves the use of herbal compress balls. Another type of Thai massage using medicinal herbs.