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Injection cosmetology can include any procedure that is performed using a needle (or cannula). The main methods of modern innovative cosmetology are biorevitalization, mesotherapy, contour plastics, botulinum therapy, plasmolifting, bio-arming and their modifications. In recent years, there have been many beautiful and obscure names for new cosmetic procedures, which are often just minor modifications of traditional techniques. More often than not, it is not about a new method, but about an improved preparation and some change in the technique of the procedure. Despite the emergence of new lasers, light and radiofrequency devices, injectable cosmetology remains the most popular method, preferred not only by doctors but also by patients (despite a general dislike of injections). What is the secret? Unlike some advertised techniques, the effectiveness of which sometimes raises legitimate doubts, the injection techniques - the most clear and honest. Perhaps this is why "beauty shots" work so reliably: introduced the drug - got the effect. And neither the doctor nor the patient will refuse a good effect! Injections - this is a reliable way to guarantee the delivery of any drugs into the skin. Other known (including innovative) methods of drug delivery into the skin allow you to inject not all, but only some groups of substances. For example, electrophoresis (including the currently fashionable electroporation) allows only water-soluble substances, or more precisely their ions, to be introduced into the dermis. Ionophoresis - only substances that can be destroyed by ultrasound waves. In addition, multiple punctures of the skin trigger a powerful response: the expansion and increased vascular permeability, activation of fibroblasts and immunocompetent cells, release of biologically active substances by mast cells, etc. All these processes accelerate and enhance the effect of the injected drug. Injection contourplasty is a method of 3D modeling (or volumetric modeling) with hyaluronic acid fillers. For this purpose, the drug is injected more deeply, not subcutaneously, as with biorevitalization, because, unlike the biorevitalization, the main purpose of the contour plastics procedure is not to improve the quality of the skin, and to correct various age-related problems, such as the removal of gaps and circles under the eyes and nasolabial folds. The effect is achieved by creating additional volume in the subcutaneous fat layer. The use of volumetric modeling procedures as a preventive intervention for the prevention of gravitational measurements is becoming increasingly popular. Filler is injected in small amounts into the "supporting" zones of the face at the first signs of the appearance of ptosis. Thus it is possible not only to correct the appearance of changes, but also to create a support that will prevent further tissue deformation. More and more people are consciously aimed at solving the problem of preserving the youthfulness of the face. Many of them are willing to invest in their appearance now, rather than wait until the changes are evident and the recovery requires incredible effort, time and investment. We see great prospects for injectable cosmetology in the development of new combined methods of correction and in the creation of innovative drugs. After all, each modern cosmetic technique has its own field of application, none of them is universal.