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Science does not stand still: research is conducted, the latest developments and methods appear. In recent years a lot of attention has been paid to finding a new method by which transdermal delivery of drugs that are widely used in cosmetic procedures can be performed. Currently, the method of intrafollicular direct infusion of a therapeutic solution is considered quite successful. Affinity is a special device developed by Tavger Ltd. in Israel. It was the company that obtained the patent, and set up its production. Affinity is based on the IFI principle, which means intrafollicular infusion. Thanks to this, it is possible to administer a solution enriched with all the necessary substances without damaging the integrity of the skin. The device looks like a pen with a plastic nozzle. Important: The plastic handpiece is disposable. Each handpiece has two nozzles that are 50 μm in diameter. By rotating, the micro-nozzle allows the solution to flow into the nozzles. During a cosmetic session, the pen, or rather its tip, comes into contact with the skin. At this time the effect is carried out by two factors: 1) reduced atmospheric pressure, a local character; 2) fluid flows, which rotate around the axis of the tip. This leads to a guaranteed coincidence of the nozzle of the tip with the pores of the skin. The effect is also achieved due to the fact that the jet of 50 microns, smaller than the diameter of the smallest pore. In addition, the solution is injected using a pressure that is elevated. The cosmetic session begins with the fact that a special therapeutic solution is fed into the pen. After that, the doctor slowly and smoothly moves the pen throughout the treated area. When the pore openings come into contact with the nozzles of the nozzle, the follicular space is filled with the solution. The vacuum action, on the other hand, supports the skin, enhances its interaction with the nozzles, and at the same time keeps the skin dry by eliminating excess fluid. As a result of these manipulations the therapeutic liquid is locked inside the follicular canal, which allows to increase the duration of action of useful substances, as well as to expand the area of absorption of the drug. Means widely used in cosmetology: antioxidants, bleaching, exfoliating substances. Among them are alpha-, beta-hydroxy acid, trichloroacetic acid. Even at minimal concentrations, excellent results can be achieved by deep penetration of the drug. The effect of TCA or AHA is only visible in the lower part of the follicular canal, while the upper area is almost untouched. The successful regeneration process runs smoothly, since the procedure is based on pinpoint penetrations and focuses on the follicles. This means that there is no risk of damage to the skin. The use of a solution of fruit acids. Once inside, fruit acids trigger the process to neutralize chemical agents. In addition, there is an active growth of the formation of new cells, increased production of collagen and stem cells located in the lower layers of the follicles. The technology of the Affinity procedure is quite simple. The main condition is that the specialist must monitor the level of pressure on the handle. Strong pressure on the skin with the nozzle can lead to deformation of the skin and even complete closure of the follicular channels. The machine correction session does not cause painful, unpleasant sensations. There is no need for rehabilitation care. The effect of the procedure will be immediately visible. To consolidate the result obtained, it is necessary to conduct a basic course of 3-5 procedures. They are performed once a week. Affinity is known for its high level of safety. It can be used to affect all areas that have pores. This includes the skin of the face, neck, décolleté, etc. The device is recommended for the treatment of acne; seborrhea; rosacea; hyperpigmentation; skin aging; other ailments. Affinity is unique in that it allows the therapeutic substances to enter the skin without compromising the integrity of the skin. Allows to get an excellent result on restoration and return youthfulness to the skin. There is a possibility of individual selection of components and composition of the solution, taking into account the condition of the client's skin and the objectives set before the cosmetic procedure.