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I want to tell you about beauty, dentistry and cosmetology. A long time ago, the ancient Roman poet Ovid taught his contemporaries the most important female science - how to be beautiful and desirable: "How many women can be proud of their beauty? Most of you are deprived of this advantage. With caring care you will brighten up your face. Outwardness, which is not paid attention to, is lost, if even a woman would look like Venus herself," he wrote. Ten years ago, the life of the modern woman was quite simple: massage, skin cleansing, mask - that's almost all she had at her disposal. Today there are so many different devices and methods brought from "enlightened Europe" that sometimes even highly qualified professionals get lost - what, when and in what sequence to apply? And how to combine these wonders depending on the age of the patient, her skin type and her wishes. For beauty and rejuvenation, modern technologies (laser, ultrasound, computer, high-frequency, etc.), various types of facial muscle lifts, "gold threads", injections to fill wrinkles and correct lip shape, multi-layer lifting, electromyostimulation, vacuum spray, galvanization, etc. are used. At the same time every day there are more and more new products being developed, and you are invited to numerous beauty salons, cosmetology centers. Finally, there comes a time when a woman, with the help of advice from friends, tempting advertising offers, recommendations by a cosmetologist or by personal intuition, chooses her path to beauty. At this important moment and need to think about the fact that the complex, almost jewel-like work of a plastic surgeon or other specialist cosmetologist did not turn into complications that may be difficult to eliminate and almost invalidate the manipulation. The fact is that only a professional dentist can assess the true state of the mouth, including for the future. Therefore, a consultation with a dentist is essential before deciding on surgery or other appearance enhancing procedures. And cosmetic manipulations for rejuvenation in one way or another are designed to tighten the muscle tissue of the face, chin area, neck, or some other seal, which helps to fix the facial oval, remove nasolabial folds and other wrinkles. In general, dividing the height of the face into three parts is conditional, because the position of the points, according to which the division is made, is very individual and over the life of the person, it can change. Especially it concerns the lower third of the face - its height is not constant and depends on the type of bite and preservation of teeth. And from this, in turn, depends on the condition and tension of the masticatory, and later the facial muscles, which in turn affect the condition of the skin: its density and tension. Consequently, with deep pathology of the tooth row: its incompleteness, tooth enamel weariness, pathological condition of mucosa and bone structure (periodontal disease) - the muscle tone of masticatory and facial muscles weakens, they sag, which naturally leads to sagging and flabbiness of the skin. If instead of good oral care, timely dental treatment and prosthetics to try to maintain and increase the tone of the facial muscles only with the help of lifts and other cosmetic surgery, the result will be sad. With tooth loss, the height of the lower third of the face decreases, the lips fall down, deepening of the nasolabial and chin folds, and the person begins to look older than his age. After various cosmetic surgeries without prior oral hygiene can cause a variety of problems in therapeutic dentistry (treatment of chewing teeth, fillings of root canals, restoration of damaged teeth, etc.), and in dentures (prosthetics). ), and in prosthetics (difficulty in inserting impression trays, taking impressions, inserting the prosthesis, restoring dental crowns, etc.), which is associated with difficult movement of the lower jaw and opening of the mouth, sometimes due to muscle and joint contractures, narrowing of the mouth opening, etc. I have not dwelt on the facial anatomy in vain, because any intervention aimed at the correction of the "mirror of the soul" must be prepared for sure, so that after a while there will be no problems with dentures, tooth extraction or complicated treatment. Dentist by his consultation and practical help prepares the success and long-term result of the facial plastic surgeon. So take this carefully - "First" to the dentist, then to the cosmetic surgeon. Why?" Think of yourself and make no mistakes. Why this is the way to beauty, you already know.