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Spa detox program in Malay style is aimed at correction of figure, fighting cellulite, reduction of body volume and deep detox. Asian SPA body care with a warming peeling mask of a mixture of clove, nutmeg and ginger. The treatment has a strong lymphatic drainage effect. This is a spa program for those who like it hot! The warming ginger mask has a pleasant burning sensation, but a wonderful lymphatic drainage effect and a strong detox effect. 100% organic ingredients from the purest tropical corners! The detox spa program is carried out in two versions: in the massage room, duration 2 hours, in the hammam followed by a massage in the massage room, duration 2,5 hours. How the spa program works: Warming up in the Hammam steam room. 2. Herbal peeling "ginger kaffir - lime". Composition of the peeling: lime, ginger, vetiver, lemon leaves. The peeling starts the natural processes of detoxification of the body and has antioxidant properties. Helps with cellulite and metabolic disorders. Washing off the peeling. Ginger Kaffir Lime Wrap! Here the ingredients include: nutmeg, ground ginger, cloves, black pepper, black cumin, onion, turmeric, cloves, cinnamon, polm oil, Farmanbuk wood, purified white clay, lime leaves. The wrap is left on for 15-20 minutes and then rinsed off. Exquisite tropical herbs give an incredibly pleasant new feeling of well-being, warm the body, increase blood circulation, good detox effect. Tea relaxation. Transfer to the spa room for a massage. The massage, as you wish, can be either a spa massage (soft and relaxing), or a deep massage with intensive training of all muscle groups and anti-cellulite techniques on problem areas. The duration of the massage is 1 hour. If you chose the program variant without a hammam in a spa room, the procedure is exactly the same, except for warming up in the steam room and drinking tea. Effect of care: Restoration of skin tone. Slimming. Restoration of skin elasticity. Elimination of edema. Cures cellulite. Improve blood circulation and breakdown of fat cells.