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Lashes and eyebrows over the summer burn out and become brittle. Revitalizing serum for eyelashes and eyebrows is the product which will help to effectively restore the charming frame of a woman's eyes. It makes eyelashes and eyebrows thicker, longer and stronger, quickly improves their condition and prevents loss. Especially thick, wide eyebrows remain at the height of fashion and will be one of the hottest hits of the fall look, and lush lashes have been and will continue to be relevant at all times. The growth cycle of lashes is 4 months, so we start our own 4-month SPA treatment of lashes: Every night we apply an arrow over the lashes with a liner (do not get close to the mucosa, otherwise it will flow into the eyes and cause tears). You can try it on one eye, compare in two months (after a month the result is not yet visible). The revitalizing serum is enriched with: Amino acids, which are the main building material for hair growth. Amino acids are used to form keratin, which is 90% of the hair component. Amino acids provide the necessary nutrition for hair. Peptides strengthen the skin matrix (intercellular skeleton) which is made up of many structural proteins including collagen and elastin. Strengthening the matrix strengthens the hair follicle and as a result new hair is formed and grows, strong and healthy. Red clover contains a large number of antioxidants. They neutralize harmful effects of free radicals, which often cause shortening of hair life cycle and its fast dying away. To protect your eyelashes during the day (from burning, from drying out, from cosmetics), we apply a protective covering in the form of Mascara Base, 8 ml, 140.00 грн (you can do it even without mascara). A completely colourless protective cocoon is formed on the lashes. Eyelashes breathe, but at the same time they are not broken, are not exposed to free radicals, etc.. In this way they are additionally strengthened. The ingredients (pro-vitamin B5/panthenol and phytantriol) combine to nourish your lashes right up to the tips, and the light formula keeps eyelashes from breaking. Phytantriol is a product that makes hair shiny and strong, increases the panthenol and trace elements in the hair, and makes hair silky. It is also used in products to strengthen the nails. Panthenol (provitamin B5) is a vitamin, the main properties of which are restoration of the hair cells from the inside, retaining moisture inside the hair, preventing its drying and breakage, strengthening the roots. The brush consists of two types of bristles. This shape allows maximum efficiency to apply the product to each eyelash. Unique cotton fibers of the brush help the product to spread evenly from the roots to the tips of each eyelash, and traditional nylon fibers help lashes stay perfectly separated and prevent lumps during mascara application. The lash base can also be used in place of Brow Gel. The procedure is also recommended for women, who have had their eyelashes done or are going to have them done or removed... The eyelashes should be strong and resilient enough!