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Thousands of vessels, built or converted specifically for recreational diving, ply the seas and oceans every day relentlessly. Ships are very different, and in the same place you can either enjoy your time to the fullest, take interesting courses and learn a lot of new information, or lose all desire to dive or even catch an intestinal infection. You can return home happy and rested, or you can return angry and disappointed. It all depends on the choice of vessel and the organization of the trip. Different vessels differ from each other by the level of comfort and service, the client attitude and friendliness of the crew, the quality of the underwater program, the professionalism of the diving instructors, the availability of experienced diving guides, the level of diving security, the possibility of developing slides and shooting a video film and so on. The Ortelius is an ice-class dive ship, which is used to organize diving expeditions to Antarctica. Thus, a diver planning to spend his holiday on a diving safari, is now faced with a huge choice, with whom and where to go. On the Internet alone, you can find hundreds of options. In order to make the right choice, you only need to answer the main questions: where do you want to go this time, do you want to go alone, in company with friends or with your favorite club, at what cost are you willing to go to get the full pleasure, whether your training and physical fitness for diving conditions, and others. Only after that can you figure out what suits you best. If you have a lot of free time, you can organize your own safari trip yourself. All you need to do is to look in detail at the information on the web-sites of the boats and diving centers, to choose a boat and the itinerary, contact the operator by e-mail, pay for the trip by credit card or wire transfer, buy the tickets, apply for the visa and away you go. But once you have chosen the right boat and the right diving season in the area, you will have to take into consideration the following additional aspects: effective joining of air flights, visa and visa transfer procedures, requirements for passports, matching the level of your training with the difficulty level of safari, qualification of other divers on board, supposed weather conditions and the necessary equipment for the weather, diving methods, transfers and overnight stays before and after boarding the boat, and many other things. This is why travelers more often choose to have their diving safaris organized by professional diving tour operators. In this case, the diver only needs to decide the time of the trip, the safari region and the level of the vessel. After a day of diving, travelers gather on the upper deck and admire the Red Sea sunset. In the distance you can see the island, the divers' goal. If you earn enough to afford a five-star vacation, you won't have much fun on a cheap, seedy boat. But if you don't have money for a good boat, you can also be satisfied with budget trips. Just save on comfort out of greed is not recommended, otherwise a small difference in cost will translate into a giant difference in the quality of the safari. For example, two or three hundred dollars makes the difference between a trip on a high-class vessel with excellent service, spacious cabins with all the amenities, regular linen changes, delicious variety of food, the presence of a satellite phone - and the agony on a simple standard boat, with a clueless, rude, lazy crew, dirty laundry, horrible feeding, no towels, a leaky zodiac under a perpetually broken motor, tiny smelly cabins and constantly clogged communal toilets. The most amazing thing is that a person who gets on a cheap boat still demands a regal vacation and attentive attention. But there are no miracles in the world! Therefore, before going on safari, try to find out as much information as possible about the vessel, which will be your home for a week or two. Contact an underwater club, which employs professionals who are well versed in the peculiarities of this kind of pastime. Ordinary travel agencies often get into trouble because of ignorance of the specifics of our business.