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Austria, as we know, has no sea coast. Nevertheless, diving enthusiasts are magnetically attracted to this country. It is believed that such mountain lakes as in Austria - a rarity on our planet. Because of its depth, transparency and purity. It is something from the realm of fiction - to dive into the underwater world, which is called the crystal. The experience is different from that of a deep sea diver and attracts a lot of people who know a thing or two about this extreme sport. And for beginners - no need to say that. The main center for diving in the country is Salzkammergut. If only for the reason that here are concentrated more than eight dozen lakes for fans of this sport. But among this abundance of water bodies is a favorite for divers. And chief among them is Lake Attersee. Just imagine a lake with an area under 42 square kilometers, where the purity of the water allows you to watch a variety of life of its inhabitants - there are a lot of different kinds of fish. And it's so exciting to watch them from a depth of 30 meters, and if you have the equipment, and take them on video. Another lake in the same center - Hallstättersee - is famous for the fact that, after diving, you can see the love and other games of swans, which live on this lake in huge numbers. And also admire the underwater trees, which are in these depths for more than a millennium. Divers who traditionally love to explore the wrecks of various ships will also find something to do. The Austrians have a special treat in Hallstättersee: Take a look under the water at what is left of the once-famous ship, the Kronprinz Rudolph. For those who are not yet professionals in diving, but only want to join this kind of - whether sport or entertainment, it must be said that Austria offers them all opportunities in this regard. First of all, they can dive the lakes for the first time after instruction and under the guidance of the experts from the local training centers. Secondly, and after that their attempts to explore the underwater world will be watched vigilantly by lifeguard station instructors, which are available on each lake. So, in this respect, you can be safe for your rest.