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Remember the holograms from Star Wars, "floating" in the air above the projector in real time? Now technology from a galaxy far, far away has come to our world. You can count on the fingers of science fiction franchises that haven't made holograms an indispensable attribute of everyday life in the future, both distant and already standing on the threshold of tomorrow. There is nothing surprising in this: modern technologies allow to project photorealistic images in incredibly high quality on liquid crystal screens, and the next qualitative improvement in visualization technologies should be devices creating truly volumetric projections. The term "hologram" itself was coined in 1947 by Hungarian physicist Denes Gabor. Holography was based on a set of technologies, allowing to record and reproduce, with lasers, images of three-dimensional objects, imitating real ones with high accuracy. The physicist was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1971 for his invention. Nowadays this innovative 3D holographic system is often used in advertising. Any marketing activity is connected with emotions, because advertising is not just a presentation of information, it is the sale of impressions to the client. The new progressive generation cherishes their time, gets almost all the information from social networks, expresses itself through clicks and likes, and is increasingly immersed in gadgets. People rush past the advertising media, and few can remember the last clip they saw on the advertising panel in the mall to the end. The modern man is not ready to spend more than 2-3 seconds on the content. He can't be surprised by the size of a panel the size of a residential building, or the brightness or clarity of the screen. HYPERVSN is selling real attention to the target audience in the right place at the right time. Content like the 3D holographic image attracts attention and allows a brand to stand out among dozens of competitors. HYPERVSN is not just an innovative display playing 3D content, it is a complete solution for the advertising b2b market, from education and health care to retail, restaurant and entertainment. The project has received rave reviews in the UK and has been ranked among the most impressive technologies by Mashable, Yahoo! and USA Today. The advantage of the HYPERVSN system is the ability to create and manage remotely, including comprehensive media planning, unique 3D content that is perceived by the human eye as a holographic image. The HYPERVSN platform has an intuitive interface. The solution is aimed at increasing brand awareness, expanding demand for products and services, increasing customer retention rates, reaching and attracting the attention of the target audience. The maximum WOW effect is achieved by installing the "Wall" of several devices. The size of the 3D image can reach human height or even larger. The solution allows you to synchronize the devices to get a 3D holographic image of the desired size.