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Nordson (NASDAQ: NDSN ), the world's leading manufacturer of precision fluid dispensing systems, introduces OptiSure™ Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) software and a confocal laser as add-ons to its existing visually-guided dispensing robots. The OptiSure AOI add-ons provide optical assurance of fluid application accuracy and are easily integrated with Nordson EFD's patented DispenseMotion software. Using existing robot vision systems to check the width and diameter of fluid deposits, the AOI software determines if dispensing requirements have been met. Continuous feedback provides automatic quality control (QC) data, saving manufacturers time and money. "The optical guarantee of fluid application accuracy in an off-the-shelf solution is a game changer for our customers," said Jonathan Titon, global product line manager for automated dispensing systems, Nordson EFD. "We saw a need in the market to integrate automated dispensing and AOI, and we are pleased to offer a market-leading solution." When combined with the OptiSure confocal laser, the AOI software measures the height of the fluid deposit in addition to the width and diameter, providing a three-dimensional check of the deposit. Instant quality feedback eliminates the need to purchase additional quality control equipment while increasing customer confidence. In addition, the confocal laser detects deposit height measurements independent of fluid clarity, which can sometimes skew quality data. The intuitive and easy-to-use interface of DispenseMotion software greatly reduces operator training time, offering tremendous time savings over standard AOI stations, which require extensive training and programming. Nordson EFD designs and manufactures precision fluid dispensing systems for benchtop assembly processes and automated assembly lines. By allowing manufacturers to apply the same amount of adhesive, lubricant or other assembly fluid to each part every time, EFD fluid metering systems help companies in a wide variety of industries increase productivity, improve quality and lower manufacturing costs. Other fluid management capabilities include high-quality syringe cylinders and cartridges for packaging one- and two-component materials, and a wide range of fittings, couplings and connectors for controlling fluid flow in medical, biopharmaceutical and industrial environments. The company is also a leading developer of specialty solder pastes for application and printing in the electronics industry. Nordson designs, manufactures and markets differentiated products and systems used for dispensing and processing adhesives, coatings, polymers, sealants and biomaterials; and for fluid management, testing and quality assurance, surface treatment and curing. These products are backed by extensive application experience and direct sales and service worldwide. They serve a wide range of short-term consumer goods, consumer durables and high-tech applications, including packaging, nonwovens, electronics, medical, home appliances, energy, transportation, construction and general assembly and finishing. Founded in 1954, the company, headquartered in Westlake, Ohio, has operations and support offices in more than 30 countries.