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Medical industry - branch of economy including pharmaceutical industry and medical products industry. Enterprises of pharmaceutical industry specialize in production of synthetic drugs, medicines from vegetable raw materials, vitamins, endocrine preparations from animal raw materials, antibiotics, blood substitutes, bacterial medical products, dressing materials and other medical and prophylactic means. Medical industry - branch of economy, including pharmaceutical industry and industry of medical products. Enterprises of pharmaceutical industry are specialized on manufacture of synthetic medicines, medicines from vegetative raw materials, vitamins, endocrine preparations from animal raw materials, antibiotics, blood substitutes, bacterial medical preparations, dressings and other medical prophylactic means. Enterprises of the medical products industry produce mainly medical equipment and medical products for medical and preventive health care institutions and for the needs of the population. Thus, enterprises of medical industry produce medical products: medicines and medical products. It should be noted that enterprises of other sectors also produce a certain number of medical products (food, chemical, etc.) and medical products (mechanical engineering, defense industry, etc.). Today the medical-engineering center is the production of medical equipment and its sale to medical institutions of various profiles. Highly qualified specialists of the center are engaged in development of medical equipment and its implementation. On the account of the center there are many unique developments, which were appreciated by leading medical institutions of the country. Often the products are superior to their foreign counterparts in a number of ways: on technical characteristics, a combination of reliability and simplicity, and most importantly, in price. Medical products are instruments, devices, devices, apparatuses, complexes, equipment, reagents, test materials and samples used for medical purposes separately or in combination with each other. The purpose of medical products: for prevention, diagnosis, treatment of diseases and other conditions, rehabilitation, convenience of medical procedures, medical research, replacement or modification of human body parts or physiological process and to influence the human body so that their functional purpose is not realized by chemical, pharmacological, immunological interaction with the human body and does not affect its metabolism. Medical equipment - machines, mechanisms, mechanical devices, automatic and semi-automatic machines used in medicine. Medical instrumentation is a set of medical instruments and devices, designed to ensure the performance of basic types of work in a particular area of medicine. Medical measuring instruments - medical devices designed to measure the values characterizing the state of a human body and used in accordance with the medical methods underlying their functional purpose. Apparently, this concept was introduced in order to distinguish this group of devices among the mass of new generation medical equipment. Medical devices belonging to the group "in vitro" - medical devices intended for diagnostics, representing reagents, reagent products, calibrators, control materials. Medical devices belonging to the group of implant type - medical devices intended for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and used in conditions of direct contact and/or interaction of medical devices with the patient's body. To reduce the cost of medical products it is possible to apply various methods: search for cheaper types of raw materials; it is necessary to improve the production process: upgrade the equipment, increase the qualification of personnel; reduce the consumption of fuel and energy resources; use new technologies in production. Today the medical industry is a prosperous and profitable industry. Achievements of the medical industry make it possible to improve the quality of medical care for the population, to recognize the initial stages of complex diseases, which in turn makes it possible to make the nation healthier.