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BioMimics is a new bet that you just made Stratasys in its attempt to bring the world of 3D printing to all sectors of the market. In this particular case, we are talking about a platform through which any doctor in the world can download any model, print it on various materials and practice for any type of surgery, for staff studies or for various clinical trials. It is through the launch of BioMimics that Stratasys intends that the platform will be able to serve to improve the capabilities of physicians, including, of course, surgeons. To this end, it is loaded with very accurate and realistic models that simulate the soft tissues and even the bones present in the human body. Stratasys is determined to become a major player in the medical 3D printing world In this case, as you well know, we may not be talking about anything new, as there are many companies today that already offer very realistic models of various human bones and organs to doctors and centers. At Stratasys, they are eager to contribute, and to do so, they want to expand the variety of materials they work with, thus achieving an almost realistic environment in which to realize the relative importance and stability of body parts. in particular. Based on statements made by Scott Rader, General Manager of Healthcare Solutions at Stratasys: BioMimics is a revolution in medical modeling that takes advantage of advanced 3D printing technology to accurately represent complex human anatomy, whether it be microscopic tissue patterns or larger body structures. Researchers, educators, and manufacturers can use these tools for demonstrations before they go through clinical trials.