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In the ancient art of yoga, everyone finds something different for themselves. It is impossible to prove whether spiritual and mental practices lead to enlightenment or whether everyone is capable of it. But the benefits of certain physical exercises in yoga are scientifically proven. Yoga has long been known, widespread and sung by ancient Indian traditions and philosophy. It is not surprising that several years ago this system of practices was included by UNESCO in the list of intangible cultural heritage of mankind. There are many currents of yoga. Outside India, yoga is most often associated only with hatha yoga and physical exercise. Let's talk about the benefits of hatha yoga. First and most importantly, scientists have recognized the techniques of yoga as quite safe, and exercises used in it are no less useful than normal gymnastics or walking. Physiologists recognized that certain sets of exercises strengthen the body and the immune system. Stopping back pain, the main benefit of exercise, which is tangible in the early stage of yoga classes. It has been proven that practicing oriental gymnastics helps with chronic lower back pain. Back pain is a real scourge for people with a sedentary lifestyle. Constantly tensed muscles in the hips take the load of the lower back, which causes pain. Yoga sets of exercises are aimed at stretching the muscles and do not require abrupt movements or heavy stress on the joints. You should stay in each pose for 1 to 3 minutes, depending on your fitness. Breathing is one of the main elements of the exercises. If you study with an experienced teacher, he will tell you how to breathe during the gymnastics. The movement of the body and the flow of thought is inextricably linked with breathing. So pay attention to proper breathing. But you can not do yoga if you feel pain. So the body tells you that there's something wrong with the body. There are known cases of serious injuries in people who tried to do yoga despite the pain. Be sure to consult your doctor if your back pain does not go away after the exercises. Practicing yoga is a good prevention of heart and vascular diseases. The benefits for the heart from yoga are as much as from active exercises like running. The calming effect of breathing exercises can normalize heart rhythm and blood pressure. If you combine exercise with diet, meditation and proper breathing, yoga is useful even in recovering from heart attacks and strokes. In addition to eliminating pain, stretching exercises improve posture, develop flexibility and strengthen the vestibular apparatus. Some doctors even believe that a properly performed set of exercises reduces inflammation in the body and eliminates chronic internal disease. The mechanism of the process of self-immersion is not fully explained by scientists. Nevertheless, in most cases, the psychophysical techniques of yoga allow to calm down and avoid or compensate for the effects of stress. In groups with a small number of meditators, anxiety levels decreased and remained low for several weeks after class. Adepts of yoga claim that exercise also allows you to understand your body, bring it into harmony with your spirit and achieve enlightened tranquility. I compared the benefits of practicing yoga and different types of active activities, such as fitness club classes. It turned out that the result depends on the school of yoga and the level of the instructor. Yoga is designed for pleasure and health, not torment and pain.