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It is important for almost every person to feel needed and loved. But, unfortunately, many people live realizing that love is very far from them. To bring feelings into your life, there are many different techniques. The main thing is the belief in their effectiveness. Every person has chakras. Their existence has long been proven, as well as the fact that they can be controlled with the help of certain techniques. Meditation, pranayamas, cleansing techniques — all this allows to stabilize their condition as much as possible and improve the work and functioning of the human body. There is a heart chakra, which has the name "anahata". It is located in the area of the heart and is responsible not only for its work and for relations with the opposite sex, their own perception of themselves and the world around them, the harmony of personality and its development. If anahata does not work harmoniously, a person will feel unnecessary and unhappy. Suicidal moods, depressive disorders and other mental disorders often occur at the same time. To improve its work, it is necessary to deal with its disclosure. A person is capable of loving, but not everyone can show this feeling. The ability to talk about your feelings, to confess, to give love to other people is not an innate property of a person. Some children who did not know the love of their parents for some reason, simply cannot and do not know how to give it themselves. Such people have a very badly damaged anahata. Her block does not allow a person to open up and learn how to give love to others. When anahata works harmoniously, a person will feel: purity and perfection of feelings; love in everything, life and openness. Everything that is alive on Earth should be surrounded by love and care. The main rule of a happy life is to give love and be able to give. Only then will pure feelings return in the form of blissful states. A person who knows how to love feels completely different than someone who does not know this feeling or is afraid to show it. If a person has a harmonious anahata, he will be able to show the following feelings: care; love; cordiality and compassion; respect and acceptance of other people as they are; a positive attitude to the world and reality; the ability to accept his mistakes and forgive the mistakes of others. If you can accept your emotions, no matter if they are positive or negative, then life will be much easier and more pleasant. After all, the one who knows how to express his joy or discontent is much easier to communicate with people, because he is more understandable to others. The heart chakra can be blocked even from early childhood, when the child does not know the mother's love. In this case, it will be much more difficult to reveal it than if it has undergone negative changes in adulthood or adolescence. The heart chakra can be blocked due to the following circumstances: difficult relationships with parents; negative memories of parents' relationships from childhood; unrequited love; difficult relationships with the opposite sex; frequent experiences or fright; negative emotions associated with feelings. Signs that indicate a closed anahata can be found in almost every person. If a person sees not one, but several at once, then it is safe to say that the anahata of such a person needs harmonization. Among them, the following signs can be distinguished: a constant feeling of irritation; depression and frequent stress; resentment; frequent headaches and migraines; fatigue, drowsiness; unwillingness to communicate with other people; difficulties in communicating with the opposite sex; difficulties with explaining their feelings; many different complexes; dissatisfaction with themselves; anxiety; loneliness. In addition, there are several symptoms that can be used to talk about a closed heart chakra, the following: skin diseases; disorders of the heart and blood vessels; depressive states; sleep disorders; weak immunity; lung and diaphragm diseases; problems with the hands, especially the hands. Anahata is very easy to block. It is adversely affected by all the negative emotions that a person experiences. These are resentment, anger, irritation, hatred, feelings of shame and fear, envy. If a person often or even regularly experiences at least one of these negative experiences, his anahata will be constantly traumatized, as a result of which it may be completely blocked. After that, it will take a very long time to work on its disclosure and harmonization. If a person's heart has been closed for most of his life, then it will be much more difficult for him to open it than for someone who lived with an open heart, but for some reason it suddenly closed and his heart chakra began to work inharmoniously. This happens after sudden breaks in relationships with people dear to a person, due to the appearance of an unrequited feeling and for other reasons. But in this case, objectively it will be much easier to work on the discovery of anahat to such a person, because before his heart knew the feeling of love. It is only necessary to teach him to work and give again.