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It is proven that sport, at least in some form, should be present in everyone's life. It is necessary not only for adults, but also for children. However, not everyone knows what kind of sports to do with the kids. In fact, there are many approaches to the physical development of children. One of the most interesting options is baby yoga, or yoga for kids. If we do not take into account the ultra-left currents, we can say that yoga classes will suit everyone. They do not require any special physical training or the application of great effort. The only thing you'll need to do is devote a certain amount of time to it on a regular basis. In return, this practice will improve your well-being (and yours, and your baby's), and learn to live in harmony with yourself and with the world, and this is missing in our hectic times. Yoga practice helps mom and baby to relax. The main idea of yoga is to learn to relax in order to be able to look inside yourself, to come into harmony with yourself, and in this case - to create the desired relationship in a couple. In addition, learning to relax, the mother will feel an additional burst of energy to perform their, sometimes very difficult, duties. And the baby will be able to sleep better and develop more actively, ahead of his peers and pleasing his mother. These classes give mom and baby the opportunity to communicate and learn to interact. This is why baby yoga classes are designed as doubles. In baby yoga, there are no main ones; time is devoted both to work with the mother and exercises with the baby. During the class, mom learns to listen to her baby, to see what she needs. The baby learns to follow its "instructor" - the mother, and also, at least at the level of body movements, to express its desires. This approach leaves no room for mutual resentment and misunderstanding, and helps to build a beautiful mother-child relationship. At yoga classes for kids they'll teach mom how and what to do with kids. Mom will not have to invent anything herself, which means there is no possibility of making a mistake. A simple set of procedures is easy enough to remember. In addition, many clubs have approximately the same program, developed a long time ago and has proven its effectiveness on thousands of children around the world. Baby yoga helps kids develop physically. Classes are based on two options. First, the baby is given the opportunity to watch his mother do the exercises. The baby learns to move by looking at his mom and "guessing" how he can do something similar. Then, depending on the age, mom either helps her child to make some simple movements, or pushes the crumb to make him move on his own. These activities help to overcome a number of health problems. For example, some of the movements are designed to help your baby cope with problems of the digestive system, excessive gas and constipation. And elements of massage included in the complex will help to combat both hyper- and hypotonic muscular system. For moms, this program opens up the opportunity to take care of themselves. Baby yoga - it's time devoted not only to the baby, but also to the mother, her figure and well-being. At the training you will be offered effective exercises of different levels of difficulty. Most importantly, the baby does not become an obstacle for mom's forward movement, but helps mom, moves forward with her hand in hand. It depends on the extremity of parental perceptions of children's exercise. In order to choose the right place for the class, you can do the following. Come to the yoga center and ask to attend one of the classes as a spectator. If you came out of that class with a feeling of calm and spirituality, and with a desire to bring your baby here as soon as possible, then this is probably the right place. Good luck to you!