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"The practice of yoga leads to an absolute balance between body and spirit. Yoga revitalizes the body, making it capable of interacting with the mind and thereby developing stability, self-control and stamina. Gita Iyengar. Life of a modern woman is associated with many concerns, which she is surrounded with, not only fulfilling the role of mother and spouse, creating warmth and comfort of the home, but also trying to keep up with the man to provide the material well-being of the family. A modern woman simultaneously builds her career and takes care of her family, which leads her to a colossal waste of her energy, designed by nature to perform purely feminine duties. The excessive load, which she puts on her shoulders, can subsequently lead to constant stress and nervous exhaustion. The loss of inner harmony and health is an inevitable consequence of this state of affairs and lifestyle. In today's world, many women are trying to build a career on a par with men; the constant pursuit of results, the desire to become a kind of "successful businesswoman", not denying themselves anything because of the abundance of material resources. It is ignorance that keeps women in the shackles of an erroneous worldview, guiding them along a way that is not a woman's way in life. Of course, the payback is not long in coming: various female genital diseases, frequent headaches, violations of the cycle, problems with conception, as well as early menopause ... If you don't come to your senses and don't return to your feminine essence in time, the consequences can be much more disastrous. That's why yoga will become the main assistant for a woman (it's very difficult to find an alternative in the modern world)! Financial opportunities allow many "successful ladies" to visit cosmetic and rejuvenating procedures, buy expensive products for self-care, and the modern "wellness" industry will allow to keep her youth for her own money, but do not forget that the external beauty, especially bought for money, and therefore unnatural and artificially created, is not durable and requires constant "maintenance". And what damage cosmetics do to our health! Does beauty require sacrifice? And the first sacrifice will be your health. Isn't the choice obvious? Health should always be in the first place, because we won't have a normal full life, if diseases overtake. Do you want to keep your complexion? Do yoga! Improving blood circulation will create the prerequisites for a natural glow of your skin without any home-made cosmetic procedures, the effect of which is only enough for a few days, and this is in the best case. Give up high heels. Do not kill your legs for a spectacular appearance. Mindless pursuit of fashion, and sedentary lifestyle has done its work: the scourge of our time - varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, and other serious diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Yoga will solve the problems associated with the legs, such as swelling and heaviness. Are you probably used to drinking coffee in the morning to cheer you up before your work day? Can't get up early in the morning at the call of the alarm clock? Yoga again! A complex of asanas in the morning will make your body light, create an active spirit, increase efficiency, and at the same time will increase the body's resistance to stress and disease - is this not the best alternative to artificial stimulants like coffee, tea or chocolate? By the way, after doing the morning yoga program make yourself a fruit smoothie or smoothie for breakfast, and you will get the necessary charge of vivacity! Yoga practices will help to return health and find inner harmony. Yoga - it's not only physical exercises that help keep your figure in order and look slim and beautiful. Asanas not only improve the body, but also the Spirit. And our body is the temple of the Spirit, so we should treat it with respect! Stresses make muscles stay in a constant tension, which has a negative impact not only on our psychological state, but also on our health in general. Yoga can help not only to keep, but also to regain lost health, harmony and vigor. Experience the positive effects of the practice, incomparable to any spa treatments. Do not forget about your feminine nature in a cycle of endless "important" cases! Believe me, the "importance" of some of them is relevant as long as health does not fail, and the stresses have not led to nervous exhaustion. Start practicing yoga now! Start your practice by doing small complexes for beginners. Also include breathing exercises and cleansing kriyas in your practice.