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You no longer have to choose whether to take yoga or dance classes. Now you can combine the pleasant with the useful, getting a lot of benefits for both physical and emotional health. Who of us hasn't promised himself at least once to start practicing sports on Monday, since the new year, next month, after the holidays, after the vacation, etc. Sports are good for both body and mind. But this "since Monday" will not make us change from pajamas to leggings and go to the gym. If you've already gathered your thoughts, bought a subscription and went to the gym, fitness may seem to you like a boring and monotonous activity. Well, what fun can be lifting dumbbells or pedaling on a stationary bike. Some of us would like to spin around in a dance or sit in the "Lotus" pose, putting all the negativity and hardship aside. If you're the kind of person who wants to meditate but doesn't mind doing something more dynamic, then you'll be pleased with a new yoga trend - dance yoga. Actually, yoga in dance is not a new art, but little known to a large number of people. In recent years, the trend is becoming more popular. This is not surprising: the constant stress, the frantic pace of life, a lot of new information that "falls" on us from all sides, forcing us to look for new ways of unity with nature. One of these ways is dance yoga. First, the practice helps to get the body in shape. Secondly, yoga in dance helps you to work with your inner energy, gives a tremendous charge to the soul and body. It's not just performing a certain set of body movements, it's feeling the rhythm of the music in your heart, enjoying the control of your body, striving to convey your emotions through the plastics. You're sure to enjoy yoga classes because dance and yoga have a lot in common. First of all, dance as an art form seeks to convey the inner state of a person through the plastic movements in the most harmonious way possible. People who practice yoga also try to achieve harmony between inside and outside world; for this purpose they use different techniques to transform psychological content into different forms. Both dancing and yoga require a person to master control over his body, to learn how to concentrate attention on certain tasks, to use his energy potential to the fullest. In this regard, it is worth noting that by practicing dance, you will greatly facilitate your life on the field of yoga and vice versa. For example, yoga allows you to learn the technique of correct breathing, which is very helpful for dancers, because at any type of active load on the body, correct breathing significantly increases endurance. And dancing, in turn, give excellent physical training, flexibility, so that your body will be more prepared for yoga. Interestingly, the practice of dance, as well as yoga, is indicated for people with different psycho-emotional disorders - here you have another link. Both of these practices contribute to the restoration of mental balance, give positive emotions, help people find their own way of self-expression, and therefore have a healing effect on the state of mind.