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We've all heard about the benefits of yoga. But some people are confused by the fact that this doctrine originated in the East and the miraculous complex exercises should be performed in conjunction with philosophical teachings. That raises the question - is such an alien exotic culture acceptable for the Europeans and whether we are able to explore the depth of the beautiful art of yoga. Many people are frightened by the many unfamiliar terms, which are difficult to read and pronounce. Yoga is one of the philosophical cultures, and it emerged in antiquity. This philosophical doctrine is part of the systems of Vedanta and Mimansa. The main goal of the philosophical system was to comprehend the mysteries of existence. Let us remember, however, that our task is to get to the bottom of whether yoga is suitable for Europeans. Note that in Europe yoga began to be practiced as a mastery of the body, thus breaking it away from its philosophical essence and making it an independent discipline. All schools of yoga promote common practice of wellness, perfect mastery of one's body and mind. Widely spread in Europe in the XIX century, but even then, and in our days on the continent there were Europeans who tried to understand the ancient teachings, to master the Vedas, who were not satisfied with just help the body, they tried to heal the soul. But even those who pay a lot of attention to the improvement of the body accept the principles of Eastern Yoga. The European way of life, of course, puts its imprint on the Vedic philosophy, adapting the teachings, modifying them. But the practice of yoga disciplines, teaches patience and care, the basics of a harmonious life, and this, in turn, gets rid of disease and suffering. And in the transformed "European" yoga laid down ethical and spiritual principles: tolerance and not greed, honesty and control desires, not hurting other people and rejecting the property of others. The prohibition of negative emotions such as anger and envy, arrogance and pride, as well as work on cleansing the mind from "black" thoughts such as slander, deceit, accusation, etc., also became important principles. The underlying principles should be modesty and temperance, a high emotional state. All this, as well as physical improvement and development you can learn by visiting a fitness center where there are specialized sections of yoga. It is equally important to master the correct technique of breathing exercises, you can do it only under the guidance of a professional.