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Every day, it is becoming more and more convenient to monitor one's health: laboratories have learned to take tests at home and send the results to e-mail, and doctors can consult remotely and write prescriptions for medications. Obviously: the more drugs you need, the less chance you have to buy them in one pharmacy. Ordering online saves time: no need to run to different stores and spend money on the road. In addition, unlike traditional pharmacies, the selection of medicines in online pharmacies is not limited by the size of the shelf. All pharmacies must comply with the "Good Pharmacy Practice Rules." Among other things, they suggest that pharmacy staff cannot conceal that there are cheaper analogs of the desired drug. In addition, pharmacists must not only sell drugs, but also advise - for example, what dosage of cough syrup a child needs. At the same time, some customers still doubt the objectivity of pharmacists and prefer to study the products themselves and look for analogues - doing it online is much more convenient than in the pharmacy. The names of different drugs sometimes sound similar, so there is a great risk of mixing them up. Suppose your doctor prescribes an antihypertensive medicine. When you are leaning over the window, and there are several people behind you waiting their turn, it is easy to get confused and buy the wrong thing. In addition, confusion often arises when you need to specify the dosage and form of the drug (for example, tablets or ampoules for injections). At the same time, if you order medication at home, you can easily find the right drug, read the instructions, know the contraindications and specify the dosage. According to the law, remotely pay and deliver drugs at home - you can buy them only at the pharmacy. Therefore, you can find the necessary drugs on the website, place your order and come to the nearest pharmacy for it. Pre-ordering greatly speeds up the process - you don't have to wait for the pharmacist to find all the medications. When you arrive at the pharmacy, the order will already be collected and all you have to do is give the name for which the order is placed. Suppose again, you need to buy condoms or hemorrhoid remedy, and the line stretches all the way to the street. It is quite natural to be embarrassed in this situation: many would prefer to make such a purchase without extra ears. Ordering from an online pharmacy helps to avoid embarrassing situations and involves confidentiality. After all, everyone is aware of doctor-patient confidentiality - it ensures that the doctor will not tell anyone about your health condition, diagnoses, and the very fact of treatment.