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There is an opinion that books are good, but all the rest of the news background that is bombarding us from the Internet is bad. Spend the day comfortably with a book, and you're already an intellectual. But if you devote the same time to watching your favorite television program, you turn into a seal and a lazybones. Everyone knows that eating candy is bad for your teeth, sunbathing is bad for your skin, and reading books is good for everything. Reading gives you knowledge and makes you think. While looking at articles from the Internet one by one destroys brain cells. But why is this so? Why can't browsing be as educational as reading books? Does watching Game of Thrones, for example, really lower your intelligence level, while reading books from the series of the same name has the opposite effect? After all, there are a great many books. Some are good, others are terribly written. The same, by the way, applies to the TV series. Is it possible to reduce everything to celebrating reading books as a good thing and branding surfing the Internet as a bad thing? If you are constantly glued to television, your environment is probably to blame. When you're surrounded by people discussing TV shows, there's a good chance you're watching them yourself. Put the remote at arm's length - and now it's even easier to watch TV. Press the power button every time you get home, and it'll quickly become a habit. So how do you go from watching TV to reading books that will help you grow personally? The first thing you need to do to change your habits is to change your environment. Being in a constant environment for a long time encourages you to do the same things. But find yourself in a completely different place and you will immediately drop many habits. For example, when you travel somewhere, you quickly adopt or form new habits. You encounter a new way of life, and your daily activities change dramatically. The amount of time you are used to watching TV in the new environment may drop from five hours a day to zero. Moving to a new place is not always feasible, but it is possible to take a little break from your usual routine. Vacations and travel allow you to take a fresh look at everyday life and consider a new routine, and when you return home, you can begin to develop fresh habits. It is also possible to break out of your environment by changing your habitual space. According to the concept of "environmental signals," I would recommend arranging your work and living space based on your own productivity. The next step is to choose the books that will be most valuable in relation to the time spent on them. If you have a choice between e-books and paper books, choose the latter. Here in principle, the choice is not so important.