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CF Moto, are you serious? I can say with confidence that the new CF MOTO SR-C21 sportbike concept is the most beautiful motorcycle of this class that I have seen in the last years of my life! And it's all for a reason. I should note that the Chinese concern has long been working with KTM, and he owns as much as 51% of the Austrian brainchild. In addition, CF MOTO SR-C21 design was developed by R&D Europe Modena 40 studio, which also belongs to the Chinese concern, but focuses on a completely different market. I guessed myself that the Chinese concern has seriously decided to make a name for itself in MotoGP in the 2022 season. CF Moto got their racing prototype from KTM and built their own based on it, on which they will compete in the Moto 2 class. There's more, CF Moto already has an 800 MT turbo based on the LC8c motor, which means there's an agreement for the Chinese brand to use that motor. The first thing that comes to mind is that the SR-C21 will have a motor from the KTM 890 and it probably will. In addition to all this, this year, in DORNA are discussing new rules for class SUPERSPORT, which according to the plan can compete motorcycles with a cubic capacity up to 955 cmВі, depending on the architecture of the engine. It is in this class, apparently, and tags CF MOTO SR-C21. In addition, there is also the Aprilia RS660 and the new Yamaha R7, with which it will also have to compete in the market. For this reason, the new sportbike CF MOTO SR-C21 most likely will produce in three versions - the cheapest (with the same motor, but understated volume of about 700 cmВі), regular, with a motor 890 cmВі and top-end. CF MOTO SR-C21 equipped with top components, including electronic suspension Ohlins and brakes Brembo Stylema, so most likely in this form it will be produced in top-end limited edition, which will be made only for homologation in the WSS, but that to get there, you need to produce 500 motorcycles. So it will be interesting to keep an eye on them.