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Pants and shorts that no one would find ridiculous or questionable if we were in an Alice in Wonderland fairy tale. But we're not in a fairy tale. I would not say that all of these options for wearing "pants" do not fit into any framework or represent something out of the ordinary: most of them are quite ordinary things, which by some inconceivable skill turned into either a new fashion, of which we have not heard much yet, or into the clothes of elves, circus artists and medieval poor people from an English novel. Yes, we remember the wonderful wide pants at couture shows, which were interestingly played with eclectic combinations, massive shoes and classic tops. But I don't remember soccer players, Scotsmen, or even Pippi Longstocking wearing gaiters with those wide pants. Wearing pants in a dream most often means that your caution in business will benefit you and create a good reputation. But I think even in a dream you should not wear your underpants that way, because it is likely to give you a somewhat undesirable reputation. In some low-brow American movie, there was a hero who walked around with buttocks padded, probably a better solution for a problematic figure than such saggy pants. By the way, this dangerous thing, contrary to expectations, can disfigure anyone. Beware of junk fashion. Ultra-tight pants in principle have a right to life in your closet, you should only treat their wearing and matching ultra-careful. If you wear them with such a cardigan, reminiscent of a mini-dress, then you run the risk of being heard singing "whether a girl or a vision. In former times, it was considered indecent and provocative if a lady's skirt was shorter than her pantaloons. Modern fashion zealots often resemble ladies in their predilections and aspirations. But if you look at it from the other side, it is quite a decent example of fashion search and unlike many looks aesthetic and generally makes you think: who knows, maybe such shorts will also "have a go" in the people. I admit that Darth Vader had pajamas similar to this one, but did he walk around the streets in them? Light summer jersey pants are great, but if they're the right length, I mean, there are rules about the length and fit of pants not just in classic clothing. But overall, if these particular weightless sweatpants were a little shorter and a little more textured, I'd give it an A. If you're a seasoned fashion blogger and have a fashion sense, you'll probably be able to skillfully beat even the pants off of a homeless man. Alas, in other cases they will remain a good find for the garbage dump or a farmer's clothes on a working day. It's not "Fashion Extreme," it's "Fail or Miss.