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Shopping is one of the best ways to get away from the bustle of the city and devote time to yourself. But many women are dissatisfied with how quickly the money is spent, the closet keeps filling up with unnecessary things, and in the end there is still nothing to wear. Therefore, any purchase should be approached wisely. In order not to lose your time and not to waste money in vain, you need to adhere to these principles: You need to choose the style in which you will be comfortable and which best suits your lifestyle. This point is important for a basic closet, as each item needs to pay its price. For example: You - office worker, who insanely liked the evening dress to the floor, but at the same time you realize that you have nowhere to wear it. Despite all the doubts, fleeting desire overcomes you and, in the end, that same dress is gathering dust in the closet for years. Such rash purchases should not be. You need a clear understanding that the selected thing will be worn. You may say, "Why follow fashion, because for me it's more important to be comfortable! That's right, comfort comes first, but irrelevant items can ruin your look. And if you've already taken care of yourself, don't be lazy to go to the same browser and type in "street style 2021-2022." I advise you to save your favorite outfits to your gallery. After understanding what kind of look you want to create for yourself and being able to distinguish the relevance of things, take apart your closet for the upcoming season. Those items that have outlived their usefulness or don't fit - give them away to those in need. Keep for the base those things that: Fit well on you, Still current; Suitable for your line of work. As a result, we'll know what you need to add to the things you already have to make them work. Now you need to make a list of things and decide on the amount you are willing to spend. I suggest taking the amount in cash, because bills are easier to control than electronic money on cards. You may be surprised, but it's important. You should try things on the underwear you'll be wearing them with. Often, bras give a different shape, and underwear can have a bad fit. So pay attention to this. The mistake many people make is to wait until the last minute for discounts. In fact, sales are designed for runoffs so that sellers can get rid of leftovers faster. It's better to shop early in the season when there is maximum selection and all sizes available. Don't buy an item thinking, "I'm going to lose weight and wear it!" No, you won't. 80% of the time, you will forget about your purchase. Buy something that looks good on you right now. If you know exactly what you need, look at a few options to make sure you make the right choice. When you see the price tag, don't immediately freak out. Consider the fact that the cost of a thing is Price + Cost of care + Number of outings in this garment. It is much more advantageous to buy an expensive and high-quality thing and wear it for several seasons, than to save money and spend on a cheaper, which after the first wash will not be wearable. In the end, "shopping" has no hard rules and restrictions. Adhering to these principles, you're guaranteed to spend less money and dress better. Loving yourself and knowing your closet is, it seems to me, the foundation of smart shopping and minimal spending.