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Colorful forests, skies changing dramatically every minute, golden hills, and avalanches of red maple leaves, autumn is often more beautiful than other seasons. Skyscanner advises where to go to see the most beautiful fall and rustle the red and yellow leaves on the trails. Tuscany's beautiful fall begins around the last week of September and lasts almost until the end of December. There are many reasons to go to this beautiful region in the fall. But the main ones are wine and gastronomic festivals, fresh truffles and mushrooms, great weather and colorful vineyards. A fairytale forest country with dark green hills, coniferous forests and lakes, ancient villages and vineyards, dense mists and colorful foliage. In the fall, "Black Forest" is especially romantic - fireplace smoke wafts over the roofs of houses, forest glades are full of mushrooms and berries, and the incredible scenery is simply breathtaking. It's called "Little Venice", though the town has more of a German charm, with half-timbered houses clustered on the banks of canals lined with ivy and flowers. The autumn tourist season in France starts at the end of August when vacations and vacations end, but officially autumn arrives only at the end of September, and the best time to visit Colmar is October. A beautiful place in northern Portugal with green hills, terraced fields, meadows where wild horses graze, waterfalls, ancient stone houses and castles. The best time to visit Penedo Jares is during the second half of September, when thick mists cover the hills and the evenings can get cold. A trip to Madrid is a great opportunity to see the sights of the Spanish capital and enjoy the autumn scenery in one go. But you have to keep in mind that September-November is still high season in Madrid. If the hustle and bustle of the city tires you out, you can always rent a car and go exploring Madrid's colorful vineyards and tasting Spanish wines. In October, the already beautiful Transylvania countryside is gorgeous. The weather is unusually dry and warm, with little rain, and the forests turn golden against the snow-covered mountains. Picturesque landscapes, ancient castles and churches, excellent vineyards, great food - what more could you want in Romania in the fall? From the end of September is a very beautiful time in the Scottish Highlands. The leaves are in brilliant color, the sky (when you can see it behind the dense blue veil of the famous Scottish "weather") is a shade of purple and burgundy in the evenings, squirrels are hopping around the trees in search of food and you can hear the high-pitched roar of deer on the hills. The autumn is also almost devoid of tourists, of which there are far too many in Scotland in summer. The mystical Lake Canas on the Chinese side of the Altai changes its color all year round, from grayish blue in May to emerald in the fall. Along the shores of the lake, decorated with trees of all colors, are Tuvan villages, some of the most beautiful in China. Hundreds of huts among yellowing birches and green pines, curls of smoke over the huts, bright blue skies and thick fogs are the perfect backdrop for an autumn trip. If you weren't lucky enough to catch the cherry blossoms in spring, head to Kyoto in the fall, and the vibrant colors of the maple trees would be well worth the compensation. The most delightful autumn scenery can be seen from the top of the cliff where Kyoto's main attraction, the Buddhist temple Kiyomizu-dera, is located. The best time to visit autumn Kyoto is from early November to early December.