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In recent years, interest in dried flowers has grown several times over. They are chosen by followers of eco-style, people who do not want to spend time caring for fresh arrangements, creative individuals and those who just like to enjoy the aesthetics of nature. And the myth that dried flowers have bad energy is a great gift. Bouquet of dried flowers in another name is called dry flower or winter bouquet. Some people refer to it as ikebana, but this is incorrect. Ikebana is an art form where plants, including dried, make up a composition and put into it not only aesthetic but also philosophical meaning. Bouquets of dried flowers are the result of florist's skill, and the main thing in them is beauty, harmony and style. A special semantic load is given by the giver. Dried flowers were used as decorations in ancient civilizations, for example, in Egypt, archeologists found dried flower garlands in the tomb of Tutankhamen's mother. The tomb is over 3,000 years old! During the Victorian era, the image of the dried flower was romanticized. Lovers gave violets, roses and other dried flowers as a sign of eternal love and devotion. Today there are plantations where flowers are grown for drying. Immortelle, helipterum, statice, amaranth, hydrangea, gomfrena, celosia pinnate, physalis, lagurus and lavender are most in demand. Manufacturers dry them according to the rules of drying and sometimes dye them. Therefore, a bouquet of dried flowers looks bright and colorful, and not inferior to the composition of fresh flowers. Dried flowers composition is a non-standard gift, which will not be appreciated by everyone. Many people have prejudices around dried flowers, so the bouquet can cause confusion or even upset. Before buying clarify whether the recipient has no negative beliefs. If not - give them freely. All the more bouquets of dried flowers touching symbolism. They mean a joint memory and a desire to preserve the memory of the best moments of life. Choose bright compositions to remind of cheerful and positive events, or flowers in subdued pastel colors with a romantic hint. According to experience of florists Semitsvetik, most often a bouquet of dried flowers is given to decorate the interior: at a housewarming party, on the occasion of the opening of the business or an important event. If you give dried flowers and put a personal meaning in them, make an individual message, they can be presented on any occasion. Many people are guided by the rules of feng shui and believe that dried flowers carry bad energy. But masters have a beautiful saying: "Trust what your heart thinks." If the flowers were a gift from a close friend, or if you bought a bouquet that well blended in the interior and became its decoration, can the energy of these plants be bad? A negative aura occurs with fresh arrangements that have wilted, if there is dust accumulated on the dried flowers, when they are abandoned and no longer needed. Remember these recommendations and don't follow stereotypes! Finally, let's list a few benefits of a bouquet of dried flowers. If you keep it away from direct sun and moisture, it will last up to 3 years. The only thing that will be needed is to clean the plants from dust with a hair dryer in cold air mode. Follow the basic rules of care and enjoy your natural creations. And Semitsvetik will take care that you can buy the most beautiful bouquets of dried flowers.