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The flower business is very attractive in appearance - beauty is all around, buyers come to florists most often in happy moments of their lives, it is pleasant to communicate with buyers, the work with flowers itself seems fascinating and exciting. Floristry is liked by all, both men and women. Florist business curse those who hit in 87%, not praise the -6%, about his sweetness hushed the lucky ones! What do all those who take up the flower business know about it? Wholesalers and their range, the names of basic packaging materials for bouquets, the location of its sales outlet. What, besides all this, do the lucky ones know? How to take into account the movement of the flower, 10 ways to resuscitate the flower, its commodity matrix, the basics of shop window display, techniques for motivating florists, how to attract and retain customers, how to increase their sales through the Internet. Listed all the secrets, there are few, but underestimate one and prosperity will only dream. How to account for the movement of the flower? This can be done in a notebook, but better in Exel spreadsheets. The arrival of a flower on the bill, minus sales, minus write-offs, minus ready-made, but not sold bouquets (reserve), equal to the balance of free flower on sale on the current date. Accounting in this, simplified to the extreme, you can entrust the florists in the workplace in the transfer of shift. Beyond the scope of this account remains accounting related products: cards, bags, souvenirs, wrapping, potted plants. Also enter the cards on these items of goods and take into account the movement of goods on the cards. The document that takes into account the sale during the work of the florist is a statement of sales, which recorded the fact of sale, product, price sold, discounts, if you provide them are reflected sales of your shares. On the basis of the statement of sales accrued percentage of sales, which is added to the amount of wages florist. Finish my shift, I recommend the information rolled up on the items: rose - the number of flowers sold, the price of sales, chrysanthemum shrub - the number of flowers sold, the price of sales: packaging - selling price; souvenirs - the price of sales; postcards - sales price and the calculation of the percentage ratio - how much one or another item takes a percentage of the total amount sold for the day. And I will not discuss 10 ways to reanimate a flower, this is basic knowledge for all florists. Commodity matrix is a very essential part of success. Given the flower you have a clear picture of what kind of flower is better to buy in this place specifically these days of the week, specifically in this month, the maximum amount of flowers by type, which you can afford to buy. Example: having in the purchase, the branch of orchid Wanda you should buy a) white chrysanthemum shrub (one flower Wanda buy 5 shrub chrysanthemums), b) aspidistra (1 flower Wanda 2-3 leaf aspidistra) and statice, purple or white package and the same color ribbon or accessories to get on the output bouquets that customers will love. The second example: you have decided that your main flower is burgundy roses. Which of the flowers will sell them specifically? A green cymbidium? Hypericum? Green bush chrysanthemums? Commodity Matrix gives you the answers to these questions. Thanks to it you can clearly plan the purchase of a flower, the proportions of flowers in relation to each other, the proportions of packaging and greenery in relation to the purchased flower. Commodity matrix gives an answer to a question: how much and what kind of goods you buy (exactly how much you can sell it before the next purchase). The basics of showcasing is the answer to the question of how to place the goods in the salesroom so that the product is in sight and finds its buyer. Group the goods by color (blue vases to blue souvenirs), put the groups correctly in relation to the entrance, light the shelves. A must is motivating the florists. Take care of them as yourself, let them be comfortable in their workplace and in their moments of rest. Make up a contest for them, encourage them. After all, flowers are a beautiful product, but flowers can't sell themselves. The client must attract and retain, to make it permanent. For this all is good, except for fraud. Strengthen your sales through the site, social networks - this work must be done, daily and professionally. Learn how to do it is not difficult. Look how it turned out interesting: seven percent of successful businesses selling flowers and only seven secrets of prosperity, they will bring your flower business in the leaders. Knowledge is power. Apply these secrets and in 2 months you'll get your flower business into the breakeven zone, and in six months you'll have a growing profit. These recommendations are simple, applied them to many, all have succeeded, you will be able to thrive.