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Research by Forbes magazine has shown that more than half of drivers have never driven their car before buying. It's strange why people spend hours updating their wardrobe and trying on things, and the car - one of the biggest purchases in life - does not even try it in advance? So, you are planning to buy a car. To make the decision as meaningful as possible, you should test the car in advance and go for a test drive at the dealership. There you can see all car models live, drive along different routes in your favorite cars, check their transmissions and even learn how to handle all car gadgets. do a little research beforehand. Be sure to check out the range that the dealership offers. You should not focus on the configurations and colors of the interior and exterior: you can get lost in them in no time. It is much more convenient to choose colors from samples that are available at the dealership. The main characteristic that is important at this stage is the body type. Think in advance about the purpose for which you are looking for a car. If this is a family car, do not forget to check your wishes with those who will also get behind the wheel. Test drive is only available by appointment. To do this, you need to contact the manager of the dealership and make an appointment at a convenient time on a weekend or weekday. There are a couple of restrictions: you can participate in a test drive if you are at least 20 years old and your driving experience is at least two years. You will need a passport and driver's license to make a test trip.