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SONY has announced that it has completed development of its Vision-S autonomous electric vehicle and has begun testing it on the roads of Europe, while trials are taking place on Austrian roads in the home country of Magna Steyr, with whom the vehicle was developed. Sony further states that that does not plan to become a manufacturer of electric vehicles, but the concept is only a demonstration of the company's contribution to the evolution of a modern car. At the same time, the level of detail of the car is at a height and many technical characteristics are already known. Up to a hundred Vision-S accelerates in less than 5 seconds, and picks up top speed up to 240 km / h. And although now the concept has a degree of autonomy of 2+, it is easy to raise it to the fifth level simply by installing new software. The car has as many as 40 sensors and this system is called "Safety Cocoon." a large number of external cameras. And what do you think, is SONY doing the right thing by investing millions of Ollars into a concept that is unlikely to be serial?