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Mnemonics (definition in new modern systems of memorization) is a system of "internal writing" based on the direct recording of connections between visual images in the brain, denoting significant elements of memorized information. Mnemonic memorization consists of four stages: coding into images, memorization (combination of two images), memorization of the sequence and fixation in memory. Mnemonics is used to memorize non-memorized information. For example, when you need to memorize a sequence of two hundred digits, a list of 50-100 telephone numbers, a chronological table, a speech outline, a collection of anecdotes, new foreign words, grammatical rules, etc. Mnemonic methods allow you to reproduce the sequence of information absolutely accurately. Thus, a series of numbers can be reproduced by a mnemonist both in forward and reverse order. The technical arsenal of modern mnemonics consists of a set of unified memorization techniques that allow memorizing different information in the same way. The main method of memorization is the method of forming an association (a bunch of images encoding elements of memorized information). Mnemonics allows you to memorize information from a single perception of each element. For example, 100 random words (numbers) can be memorized sequentially with an average interval of 6 seconds. In the modern interpretation, mnemonics denotes the entire set of techniques and methods of memorizing information used in a particular system, and the term mnemonics is interpreted as a practical application of the methods defined in this particular mnemonic. Basic techniques: Formation of semantic phrases from the initial letters of the memorized information; Rhyming; Memorizing long terms or foreign words using consonant ones; Finding vivid unusual associations (pictures, phrases) that connect with memorized information; Cicero's method based on spatial locations; Aivazovsky's method is based on training visual memory; Methods for memorizing numbers: patterns; familiar numbers.