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We prefer shopping where there is a disposing and comfortable atmosphere. No one likes a crushing silence or a wadded-up vacuum, other people's conversations and creaking carts. Music is one of the indispensable tools of the trade. However, in difficult trading times, it's not uncommon to start saving with music. Sometimes there is an explanation for this - or it is a discount store (although discounters are the winners in the crisis, increasing the number of followers of savings on food or casual clothing), or retail outlet does not want to accumulate a lot of customers in the room (so we quickly make purchases and leave, making room for other customers). But many of us forget that it's like a drug. And any addict - first of all a person is an addict! The key to remaining free of all addictions is the ability to truly enjoy the things one loves. Happiness is the realization of the value of the wealth one already has. Imagine that you no longer have anything-no home, no job, no clothes, no gadgets-and you'll realize that this is basically enough for you to feel good about yourself. According to the ancient sages of stoicism, we should live modestly, not wallow in excess--including excessive shopping mania--and not spoil ourselves with it. After all, things are not the most important thing a person possesses. We should appreciate what we have and live so self-forgetfully and greedily, satiating ourselves with the real delights of the world as if today were the last day of our lives.