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Do not be afraid of large accessories, in particular, necklaces. They are always in fashion, you just need to choose one that suits your style. The jewelry is for ages; first of all, it must fit your personality, not the season's trends. Pink gold jewelry is a trend that is noticeably gaining momentum. In the new Ancient America jewelry collection rose gold combines with black and white diamonds to imitate the skin of a jaguar, and with cognac ones to imitate birds' feathers. Laconic decorations in matte gold are the best option for a daytime image. The Fluid Gold transformer necklace can become a long soutoir or even a bracelet, so it goes with any silhouette of a dress or top. A piece of jewelry for every occasion. At a table in a restaurant your big elaborate rings will be well noticeable, going to the theater will not be without a pair of massive earrings, and for the cocktail party wear jewelry with diamonds to shine all night long. When getting ready for a New Year's Eve party, don't forget a sparkly clutch. By the way, in addition to the reason to wear a particular piece of jewelry, do not forget about the culture, or even cultures, of wearing them! Under youth jewelry, most often we mean accessories that denote belonging to one of the subcultures, or stylization under them. Modern subcultures are very diverse, and not always young people are ready to stop at one thing. Yes, and not everyone needs it. But to be a bright personality, to create their own image and to form their own style aspire to all young boys and girls. That's why subculture style jewelry is very popular among young people. "Drive, freedom, rock and roll!" - Such was the slogan of young people who were desperately dashing on steep motorcycles through the prudish streets of London in the late 1950s. It was in Britain that one of the first youth subcultures - rockers - was born. Rockers were united by their love of motorcycles and their passion for a new style of music - rock 'n' roll. In the early 1960s, another informal youth association emerged in the U.S. - the hippies. And at the end of the same 1960s, punks appeared. Rockers, hippies and punks are considered the oldest youth subcultures. From them, in one way or another, all contemporary youth "social clans" grow up: goths, emos, hip-hoppers, bikers and metalists. Each of these informal associations has its own understanding of the world and way of life, its own language (slang) and its own norms of behavior. Each develops and its own paraphernalia. Jewelry for the representatives of such trends have a special, symbolic value, and often play a major role in the image of the "informal. Rockers and today's bikers can be immediately recognized by their motorcycle leather jacket - leather jacket and numerous jewelry: huge rings, chains, bracelets and wristbands. Rocker jewelry is made of white metal and leather, decorated with studs and rivets, and the main theme is Celtic symbols, skulls, images of animals. Hippie bracelets are a staple of hippie jewelry, regardless of gender. Such bracelets were given by hippies to each other as a sign of love and friendship. The bracelets even had their own special "language" - the patterns and color combinations of these bracelets carried a certain message. Unfortunately, today, the exact meaning of this "language" is largely lost. An indispensable accessory of hippies is also an original headband - a "hiratnik", which is handmade from natural materials: leather, beads, fabric, flowers and metal. The main hippie symbol is the "pacific" (chicken foot), an international symbol of peace and disarmament. The pacific is present in almost all jewelry of representatives of this trend. Bright, multi-colored and massive earrings in the ethnic style, rings in the form of flowers, multicolored beads, wide wooden and leather bracelets - all this also distinguishes these "children of colors," as they call themselves hippies. Today, representatives of the hippies in pure form can be found only among the older generation, young people are mainly borrowing only the style - it is so cheerful that it almost never went out of fashion. But today not only young people wear such jewelry. Many famous designers borrow symbolism, forms and style of jewelry of "non-formals" and create unique collections and new trends. For example, "taming" the punk style, designers have brought to the podium earrings-cuffs, bracelets and neck jewelry with a variety of spikes, skulls, blades and rivets. Dark Gothic romance also captures the imagination of designers. All sorts of crosses, pendants in the form of bats and spiders adorn the collections of many couturiers. Gothic themes fell to the taste of fashionistas around the world, and jewelry houses offer novelties in this style every season. Hippie style also gave us a lot of modern trends: hairbands, wreaths of flowers, colorful beads and popular bracelets based on bracelets.