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High culinary art, refined aromas of perfumes, French wine... And, of course, fashionable jewelry houses, which are famous for their precious masterpieces to the whole world. Place Vendôme in Paris - the jewelry heart of France. The meteoric rise of France's jewelry art took place in the 17th century. The whimsical art of Baroque introduced into vogue items decorated with fine carvings and voluminous embossed reliefs. Pearls are particularly popular in jewelry. Painting in jewelry becomes of interest: bright combinations of multi-colored enamel with gold and precious stones add even more resemblance to the creations of great artists. In the late XIX - early XX century Art Nouveau rises to the summit - a style in which France conquers all without exception. Jewelry of this trend is not just graceful and beautiful - they hypnotize the viewer by the fluidity of lines, their natural weaving and lightness of forms. But let's go back in our time and talk about the pieces of jewelry for which you can leave everything and run away to France. We will start with the brands known to many people, which invariably prove their exclusivity for more than one hundred years. Rene Lalique is perhaps the brightest and most famous representative of Art Nouveau jewelry. This artist always wanted to create something new not being afraid of breaking the usual patterns. And he succeeded: first in the jewelry world, and then in glassmaking as well. Thanks to his enormous talent and incredible diligence, Lalique became a true nugget of French Art Nouveau (aka Art Nouveau). One of the revolutionary techniques in Lalique's work is the use of non-precious materials: copper, brass, tortoise shell, horn. Many museums of the world are proud to have this masterpiece in their expositions. René Lalique has become famous not only as a jeweler - later he became interested in glass and later devoted all his creative energy to this material: perfume bottles, statuettes and vases left no one indifferent. In his last years René Lalique was engaged in large-scale works: decorating restaurants and hotels. Now the Lalique ornaments are available in many cities in France. So, in Paris, the boutique is located at 11 rue Royale. On the official website of the company you can get full information about the stores working hours. If buying expensive jewelry is not your goal, but you just want to be inspired by the beauty, in Alsace in the village Wingen-sur-Moder in the Vosges mountains, where Lalique built his glass factory in 1919, there is a museum of the same name, which was opened in 2011. Here you can see about 500 unique works of the master and learn more about René Lalique himself. Perhaps buying jewelry isn't part of your plan, then you can simply admire the beautiful pieces at the Parisian Museum of Applied Arts. One of the richest museums in Europe is located in the west wing of the Louvre and opened its doors to the first visitors back in 1905. A variety of luxurious furniture, tableware, accessories and of course jewels from different eras reveal the way of life of rich and famous people of France. It's also another place where you can enjoy the creations of René Lalique. You probably won't have any trouble finding the famous Louvre, but just in case, let's mention the address of the museum: 107, rue de Rivoli. France is one of the brightest countries in Europe, and it is difficult to imagine jewelry tourism without a visit to this extraordinary romantic place.