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I want to share information, but it is of an introductory nature, it is necessary to consult with a specialist/doctor. Although doctors know much more about health than the average mortal, they too are human and sometimes don't take care of themselves the way they should. All told, physicians point to several common mistakes many people make when it comes to longevity and premature aging. U.S. health experts have talked about their habits for staying in good shape longer. Having a pet at home is a round-the-clock form of therapy that helps relieve stress, Dr. Carmen Echols said. "Shortly after I got married, we got a dog. After particularly difficult days at work, I sit on the couch and watch TV while stroking her and realize how relaxing it is for me," she added. To live longer, doctors go to doctors, Echols emphasized. She called the common misconception that physicians can take care of their own health a misconception. It's always wise to get an objective opinion from a colleague, she said, writing Eat This, Not That! Dr. Nathan Rock admitted that exercise is an important part of his daily routine. With their help, he can control stress and heart function. "As physicians, we know that exercise has positive benefits in many ways, including promoting excellent cardiovascular health and good mood by releasing endorphins," he said. The medicine man noted that he does yoga in the mornings and runs or works out at the gym with weights in the evenings. Physician Monique May said her main secret to an active life is getting enough sleep. She reminded us that getting a good night's rest is crucial to our health and it's important to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. According to most doctors, breakfast is the main key to longevity. That's why doctors advise never skipping it and paying attention to what's on your plate. As Professor Morton Tavel explained, those who always eat breakfast live longer and maintain a healthy weight more easily. The best way to start the day is with fruit and protein. The latter is especially beneficial because it makes you feel full and helps you burn off excess energy. Meat and is a pure animal protein, some meats are better to exclude from the diet. These include pork and lamb, among others. "Eating right is key, and I've recently added more fruits and vegetables to my diet, reducing my meat intake," May admitted.