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Manual adverse event identification is not a sustainable solution. Instead achieve safety compliance using an established system-agnostic adverse event software solution with over ten years of proven results globally. IQVIA Vigilance Detect meets your unique needs according to the nature of your project, with the flexibility to provide remediation to address regulatory issues, analyze existing datasets, or continually monitor large volumes of unstructured digital data. Request a demo below and get in touch with an IQVIA expert. IQVIA Vigilance Detect is the only technology-powered drug safety software solution that proactively identifies and validates safety risks from every known data source. It enables you to identify 100% of potential safety risks and eliminate up to 90% of the noise with data-driven, intelligent workflows. You see and can respond to the adverse events (AEs) that matter rather than treating every alert the same. Using a combination of AI technology and hands-on IQVIA safety experts, the Vigilance Detect adverse event reporting system proactively identifies and validates safety risks from every data source in more than 50 languages, so your core safety processes are more strategic and efficient, and you are always in compliance. It provides after-hours, hyper-care support and remediation support for safety teams and commercial and medical call centers using AI and live agents. Vigilance Detect Social Monitoring reduces the time and cost associated with manual review, enabling you to quickly identify adverse events within large amounts of social media and digital data. This solution eliminates noise and redundant review by more than 60%, detecting potential safety risks in multiple languages (including common slang used on social media), and easily integrates into any safety ecosystem.