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Digital collaboration provides more comprehensive interdisciplinary care, improves patient care, and improves cost-effectiveness. It is not easy to manage a revolution in healthcare characterized by the sheer number of sensors, wearable devices, and new applications for health analysis. Clearly, multidisciplinary care is essential for treating patients with acute, elderly or multichronic conditions. Digital collaboration allows clinical teams to change the way they work. It provides more comprehensive multidisciplinary care, improves patient care and improves cost-effectiveness. The only way to meet the needs of an aging population with multiple chronic conditions is through a transformed health care system that uses state-of-the-art collaboration tools. This is exactly what physicians are asking for. Shared digital care platforms provide seamless collaboration and a range of microservices that personalize the patient and physician experience. Collaboration tools automate repetitive but vital tasks, freeing up physicians' time. Secure collaboration tools are now available to everyone in the NHS. The transformed NHSmail solution was delivered securely and reliably by Accenture, enabling digital health collaboration and secure information transfer between organizations across England and Scotland. For more information, check out the NHS example. In the midst of COVID-19, supporting the National Health Service (NHS) has become even more important! It's time to look to the future and start building a platform that will help move healthcare and care toward stellar collaboration. Meet Dr. Sam Shah, director of digital development for NHS England, who supports programs that help empower citizens to use digital tools and services in the NHS. He also works with providers and other partners to help the NHS solve problems and work to build connectivity, making the NHS more consumer-centered. He and his team are partnering with health care providers to digitize urgent and emergency care. Together with his team, he supports the implementation of the strategy. Effective, efficient collaboration among healthcare professionals is essential to ensure quality care and patient safety.