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This list will contain 14 points that will help you become a more successful seducer.

The natural seducer is called natural. Because a real seducer should not pretend, but should play naturally. Therefore, the first on the list will be:

Naturalness. Remember when you try to imitate someone or remember how the actors behaved in your favorite melodramas - it will all look comical, not romantic.

Neatness. Always monitor the condition of your hair, how your nails look, how you smell. This is the first thing a lady pays attention to. If you look unkempt, you will never be a successful seducer.

Grammatically correct speech. The absence of slang, swear words in speech will add points to you in communication with the opposite sex.

Style. The presence of a certain detail in your style will add flamboyance to you and people will remember the features associated with your style. Apply what you have ideas and what you like to wear. For example, it can be glasses of a certain shape, or having a certain shape of a beard that suits you. Don't dress like a teenager, but choose the style in which you will dress. Casual or business is the style that makes men more attractive.

Hobbies. The presence of your interests tells the lady that she is not the only entertainment that you have, but it awakens a sense of competition. The lady will try in every way to grab your attention. Isn't that what successful seducers want?

Confidence. Not all, but most girls like to obey their partner and be number two, obeying and accepting the rules of the partner's game. A man who knows what he wants is a leader, and the leader is drawn not only in business, but also in his personal life.

Emotionality. Emotions can give life to even the saddest story. Through emotions, people convey their feelings. The more emotion you put into your conversation, the more interesting it is to have a conversation with you.

Spontaneity. Who doesn't dream of a spontaneous journey, a spontaneous party? These are all adventures that bring positive emotions into your life and will not leave a girl indifferent to spending time with you, because she always knows that something more interesting awaits her next to you.

Generosity. This is not about giving a girl cars and yachts at the beginning of communication, but about small and not necessarily expensive surprises that girls really appreciate. After buying a small stuffed toy for your next date or treating yourself to ice cream, you will show the girl that you think about her and she is interesting to you. It will be nice for her.

A sense of humor is one of the most important aspects of seduction. A sense of humor is a practical demonstration of your intelligence in a humorous manner. Do not neglect this and adapt to the girl, highlight for yourself topics that she likes to joke about, and then play her game.

Care. Caring shows in the little things. Find out more often if she is cold in windy weather, if she is hungry, what she thinks about. These are little things for men, but great value for ladies.

The ability to listen. Finding someone who will listen to you is a gift, especially if it's your loved one.

Confidence. Ask any normal girl what kind of guys they like, and the first thing they say is that they are confident. I started with confidence, because that's the most important thing in seducing girls. If you are confident in yourself, then the girls are instinctively drawn to you.

Having a goal. Remember the simple formula MAN = GOAL. If you do not have a goal in life, then you will not be able to arouse the interest of the girl, and even more so you will not be able to seduce her. Your goal should be serious, like a real man, not a schoolboy. When you have a serious goal, and you go to it, then from you it will simply blow from a mile of masculine energy. And this energy excites girls a lot.