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Men and women are very different. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for us to understand each other. Women are more emotional and more inclined to express their emotions. Both positive and not so. Men are sometimes bewildered by this hurricane of passions, bouts of sadness and outbursts of rage. Raging hormones can be the cause of irritability. Sometimes anger is just anger. And sometimes other feelings and problems can be hidden behind it.

Fatigue. Extreme fatigue makes us very vulnerable. And a mere trifle can bring to tears or provoke a violent aggressive reaction. A person in this state is simply not able to control emotions. The only correct strategy in this case is not to be nervous, but to help with business, to give a rest. Having gained strength, the girl will again be friendly and cheerful.

We must also remember that each person has his own "bad" clock - the time when it is better not to touch her. "Owls" are especially vulnerable in the early morning, and "larks" are especially vulnerable in the late evening. And at this time, any nonsense can lead to a quarrel. Keep this in mind and try not to have difficult or unpleasant conversations at this time.

Adults do not differ much from children in this. We bring problems home from work and, unwittingly, break down on loved ones. As the saying goes: "Something I'm sad today ... Whoever didn't hide, I'm not to blame!" In this case, you should not immediately be offended in response. It is better to ask the girl about her problems, to let her talk. When she comes to her senses, she will apologize for the harsh words.

Something is wrong. We often get angry about everyday little things. But the truth is, the reasons for our aggression go deeper. And it's not about the tube at all. In family life, we always make compromises, but deep down we can accumulate discontent. And this latent discontent shoots out like a compressed spring at the sight of an unclosed tube, scattered socks or dirty dishes. And sometimes a woman does not even understand the real reason for her anger.

You need to figure it out together. Talk honestly and think about what both of you are not happy with in the relationship and how you can change that. After all, in order to solve a problem, you first need to understand it.

But Erich Maria Remarque wrote: "If a woman is angry, then she is not only wrong, but also knows about it." Well, there is some truth in this. When the argument comes to a standstill, the arguments end, and deep down in your soul you are tormented by a feeling of your own wrongness, it can be expressed in anger. And not only for a woman, but also for a man.