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Every woman dreams of being given flowers and carried in her arms. The trends of romanticism have not lost their relevance today, in the age of pragmatists and skeptics. Romantically inclined persons are distinguished by an emotional and sublime attitude to reality, they are prone to idealization and sensitivity.

Dreams of romantic love are based on the belief that somewhere there is that one person with whom our life will finally become full of fulfillment. Therefore, the main task in life is to find your soul mate. According to psychologists, this attitude does not contribute to the strengthening of love relationships and marriages, and is even detrimental to them.

On the other hand, the modern world is largely based on the principles of pragmatism, when everything is evaluated in terms of receiving benefits. According to statistics, due to this approach, 21% of men and 50% of women worldwide remain single.

At first glance, it is cynical to evaluate love as a means of obtaining a beneficial result. An association with mercantile relations immediately arises here. Love implies a strong attachment to another person. Passion is often mistaken for it when a strong feeling flares up between people that dominates others. However, passion flares up in a matter of moments, but just as quickly it can cool down.

According to psychologists, sometimes idealizing and dreaming is even useful - this is how the protective mechanism against overwork is triggered. A monotonous existence depressing the psyche, and a romantic mood helps to relax and detach from the environment. Difficulties arise when idealization persists when leaving the dreamy state. The romantic aims to find adventures filled with fantasies and dreams. Suppression of daydreaming can lead to the abuse of antidepressants and alcohol.

A strong relationship is a union of two people who are comfortable together. They understand each other perfectly and are ready to give everything for the sake of their beloved. It will take a lot of time and effort to achieve such a relationship. When passion leaves, love must replace it. Otherwise, the couple will part ways. Strong relationships are not alien to romance, but they are much closer to pragmatism than they seem.