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The phrase that everyone has repeated at least once in their life: "Relationships are not easy". In theory, the relationship itself is very simple, since it develops in a natural rhythm at the will of the senses: they met, fell in love, decided to be together. But people who are involved in relationships can make them difficult.

The fact is that we are not happy with the idea that "relationships need to be worked on. What nonsense is this, but what about love? Why is a harmonious union, arising from a great and bright feeling, not able to magically work by itself, like a well-oiled machine?

Unfortunately, even the heroes of fairy tales do not hope for this. Relationships really take effort, and they can be strong and happy - if you know the right hacks. A romantic bond can be strengthened and improved by working in two ways: -demanding more from myself, - demanding more from a partner. No magic is required, everything is extremely simple and outlined below in four tips, following which you get the right chance to extend your relationship to the "forever" regime.

1. Don't sacrifice your privacy.

Not in the sense that "keep running on dates with a stable partner" - this kind of freedom is difficult to combine with serious intentions. You may be on fire for each other with a sincere passion, but that does not mean that the rest of your life should dissolve in selfless adoration. Don't forget your friends and family, don't give up your evening yoga, Saturday spa sessions, and Sunday breakfasts with your parents. Take care of independence, do not drown your personality in love, do not get into the habit of asking for time off and reporting - having lost the single status, you can still do whatever you want and whenever you want. It invigorates, supports self-esteem, and saves the relationship from routine and boredom.

2. Be honest with your feelings.

Tell yourself the truth and only the truth: are you really happy? Are you satisfied? Physically, emotionally, mentally? Yes, this is not easy - our nature is prone to sacrificial compromises, but these three points are crucial. The secret of strong reciprocity lies in a strong and natural connection on all counts; so make sure that everything is so in your relationship, or at least it goes. Otherwise, consider escape routes.

3. Do not persecute or harass with jealousy

Oh, this eternal female question: "Where are you?", Piercing men like a voodoo caster's needle. If you bombard your lover with messages 24/7, call a hundred times a day, and in general your world revolves only around her/him, it's time to admit that your feelings are mutating into addiction. Men are stifled by the persecution. This approach will not help keep anyone, acting exactly the opposite. Be more confident in yourself, do not worry, she will not go anywhere. And even if you've got such a hot lady that it's hard not to worry about it, convince yourself that you will be fine anyway. Disable the pursuit option. Once and for all. Remember that you are also a fire. Let her chase you, it's much more fun.

4. Don't avoid problems

Nobody likes conflict. That is, for sure there are people who are entertained by strife, but, apparently, they are in the minority. But what happens if partners, not wanting to sort things out, constantly turn on the avoidance mode? Nothing good. If you avoid problems for years, they will accumulate, and one day you will wake up 25 years later and realize that you will never be able to figure them out, because you have long forgotten where this huge pile began. Don't suppress negative (or positive) emotions. Talk to your partner about any issues that bother you. Firstly, you are a team, which means that you need to work together to overcome adversity. And secondly, you always deserve respect and the right to speak up.