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So, you liked the woman but she has a child. What to do? To give up on everything and try to build a relationship or just cut everything off at once, not letting the surging feelings turn into love? Do not rush and jump to conclusions.Here are some positive signs.

She had a serious relationship. Such a girl knows how to behave with men. She is initially ready for difficulties and knows how to overcome them, has the experience of living together with a man and understands how to find compromises and accept the shortcomings of a loved one. At the same time, the girl is ready not only for difficulties, but also knows a lot about simple human happiness. Be sure that she will definitely meet you with a delicious dinner, have picnics on weekends and rejoice at your achievements. Agree, this scenario is good news.

She already has a child No matter how pretentious it may sound, she knows what it is like to be a mother. Pregnancy, childbirth, the first difficult months of the baby's life, the girl has already passed. In addition, she understands that she is responsible for the life of a small person, therefore, she will approach the birth of the next child with all seriousness. A girl who has already learned the experience of motherhood will not "demand" from you to make her children here and now. And, therefore, there will be time to mature to fatherhood. Know the joys of fatherhood This conclusion suggests itself after the previous point. Yes, this kid will always be with her mother, and no one asks you to immediately treat them like relatives. But you can make contact. And, if this works out, the girl will understand that you are ready for a serious relationship. In addition, next to the child there is a mother who has already gone through all the important stages of life with a child and knows what to do if he suddenly has a sore throat or a fever. They will show you everything, explain, tell you everything. If it were your firstborn, everything would not be so, and you would have to overcome difficulties together through trial.

She has a strong personality. Is it a joke to bring up a child alone? After all, she is both a mother, a father, a breadwinner, a nanny and a friend, and will stop a galloping horse ... Such a girl is psychologically strong and has a strong nervous system, hardened by sleepless nights, colic, the appearance of the first teeth. She can cope with all the difficulties herself. Mom will not go to clubs and restaurants, because she is no longer interested, because it is better for her to spend time with loved ones. And that means you will be calmer. She is an open book. You can immediately draw conclusions about a girl and see if you can succeed. And why? Because she has a child, and the way she treats him says a lot. You just have to observe and draw your own conclusions. She does not seek to get married. A woman with a child has most likely been married and knows that a perfect marriage is a rarity. Therefore, she will not rush you with a marriage proposal and she herself will not rush to become a bride.

Before you start building a relationship with a woman who has a child, and perhaps more than one, you should clarify for yourself: are you ready to take responsibility not only for the chosen one, but also for her children, do you want to become a good husband and father? Remember, she already has her closest people nearby, which means that she is not alone. And this girl takes you into the family, and not vice versa. Otherwise, if you are not ready for such a step, you can always refuse it, but suddenly this girl is that unique one that you have dreamed of all your life.