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Modern people in conditions of the lack of time are increasingly resorting to original dating formats. One of the popular options is speed dating. This is an interesting way to establish new contacts, and most importantly, each participant of such a party will be able to communicate with the maximum number of potential partners in the shortest possible time.

Speed ​​dating is a fast dating format. Such meetings can be held in cozy little cafes or nightclubs, this moment is at the discretion of the organizer. In large cities, there are many fast dates, for small ones they are still a novelty. Participants pay a set fee to enter the party, which is usually affordable.

The essence of fast dates is simple. Small tables are set up in the hall - potential partners sit at them. Time for communication is given up to 10 minutes, sometimes about 3. After that, the participants begin to move between the tables. That is, the girls sit in places, and the new men sit down next to them. During the evening, all the participants in the meeting manage to get to know each other. It is unrealistic to find out everything you need about each other in a short period, but you can spot someone for further communication. Moreover, psychologists say that an opinion about a new person is formed in just a couple of seconds. No one guarantees finding a woman of dreams at such a party, but as a way of acquaintance, the option is quite working.

If this format of dating does not suit you, then you should take the quantity, not the quality. Set aside 3-4 hours a day to meet girls. Gather dozens of contacts and make several dates a day. You can only achieve this with effort.