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The friend zone is a common phenomenon, another question is how to avoid it. We have good news for you: you don't have to be her best friend forever. All you need to do is recognize in advance the signs that you are “just a friend” and take the necessary steps to fix it. And the sooner that happens, the better.

How to understand that you are in the friend zone:

1. She is too comfortable near you. She constantly writes to you and calls you when something interesting happens to her or she is simply bored. You notice that the girl you really like tells you almost everything. If you don't flirt with her, there is no sexual connotation in your conversation, then it looks like a friendzone.

2. She tells you about guys she likes. You may have heard her enthusiastically tell you about a new employee or a cute taxi driver who flirted with her. This is one of the most unpleasant signs of how to understand whether you are in the friend zone or not.

3. You always support her. Signs of a friend zone If you notice that she is looking for your support in the most vulnerable moments, then this is one of the clear signs that you are just a friend. Maybe she just broke up with her boyfriend, and complains to you that no one loves her.

4. Her family believes you are just friends. Getting to know her family is a serious step. Usually girls do not introduce “just a friend” to their parents. If she used the word "friend", then she drew a clear line that you should not overstep.

5. Tries to match you with lonely friends. Has she ever mentioned a pretty, lonely friend of hers that you could go out with? A girl in love with you will never take such risks. This is one of the clear signs that you are just a friend to her.

6. Lack of physical contact. We advise you to first of all pay attention to how the girl reacts to physical intimacy. If she pulls away, does not seek to be closer to you, quickly shakes hands or casually kisses in a friendly way on the cheek, then you do not arouse sexual attraction in her. You are more of a brother to her than a crush. Keep in mind that the girl you like will always find a reason to touch you.

7. She constantly asks for your help. How often do you take her to different places where you were not invited? Do you always go to the supermarket with her and drag a heavy bag home? Or, even worse, asks you to buy tampons for her because she doesn't feel well and does not want to go to the store? If this happens to you, then you are in the friend zone.

8. She tries not to stay alone with you. Pay attention to her responses when you try to lure her out on a date. Does she answer you with enthusiasm? Do you feel her willingness to be alone with you? Or she always writes in response: "Can I be with a friend?" or "I have no one to leave my sister with, can she come with us?"

9. She says you are cute. Always listen to how she describes you. What adjectives does she use? If she uses phrases like "you're cool," "you're sexy," "you're courageous," and the like, then there's a good chance she likes you. But, if she describes you in the same way as her dog, then there is reason to think.

10. Your meetings - no romance. You walk with her in the park, shop at the mall, ride a bike, go to a party, watch a movie. But for some reason, you never get the feeling that this is a romantic date. She behaves too casually and uninhibitedly. If you are in doubt, you can ask directly - do we have a date or just a walk?

11. She says you are a wonderful friend. You urgently need to leave the zone of friends, as soon as you hear from her the phrase: "You are my best friend." Keep in mind that when a girl makes an extra effort to remind you that your friendship is too important to her, then this is a way to put you in your place, to set clear boundaries that you should not go beyond.

12. Presents you to everyone as a friend. When she introduces you to her friends or family, how does she do it? If he uses the word friend, then take it as the fact that you are. Ladies, as a rule, brag about their lovers, are proud of this connection.

13. If you drink together and nothing happens. Usually it is wonderful to be able to take the relationship to the next level, confess your feelings, kiss and have sex. But instead of enjoying physical intimacy, she just fell asleep on the bed, without even trying to kiss or hug you. This is bad news for you. You have to move on because this is a clear sign of a friend zone

14. She doesn’t like your sense of humor. Why would a girl laugh at a guy's jokes, even if they were bad? Because she likes him.

Thus, she tries to make a good impression on him and be on the same wavelength with him.

So if your girlfriend never laughs at your jokes, but mostly rolls her eyes at them, then this is a reason to be wary.