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We are all taught from early childhood to be kind, polite, courteous towards other people and this is very useful for building friendships and business relationships. It's simple, if you respect other people, know how to listen, maintain a conversation, people will be drawn to you. Such an attitude accompanies us all our conscious life, helps to establish relationships with loved ones, to move up the career ladder, but often puts a spoke in the wheel in our personal life.

You will certainly be nice to the lady you like, but only as a friend. Where is the logic? Why do ladies often reject good guys? Do not try to find logic in the answer to this question, it is about the emotions that you evoke in the lady.

Oftentimes, guys with the "nice" syndrome are read by a lady like an open book. She always knows that he will answer her call within 10 seconds, give up his important business to help or see you and the lady becomes not interested in developing a romantic relationship, because she always knows what will happen next and what your step will be.

The ladies are just used to it, which is why so many guys with the "nice" syndrome remain in the friend zone.

Of course, you should not pretend to be a bad guy, it will look comical and even more likely that the lady will stop communicating with you altogether.

But then what to do? Always put yourself first! When making an appointment with a lady, first of all check your diary when you can meet with her, not she with you. Find a compromise if you're both busy, but don't follow her rules. The more unpredictable you are, the more interesting the lady will be with you. She will immediately notice that of all her admirers, only you do not adapt to her. Develop your personality, make sure that you do not have free time, then meeting with you will be a real value for a lady.